silver sky

  1. colinkanders

    Is a Silver Sky Wood Library Run Plausible?

    I want a Silver Sky, but I like the look of wood grain on my guitars. What do you think the chances are that a dealer would do a Wood Library run with, for example, a natural smokeburst satin finish (*wink wink*)? Or would that be going too far for WL and have to be Private Stock?
  2. Bluesverb

    TCI guitar pickups explained

    Courtesy of Form post by Joaer:
  3. P

    Silver Sky - pick ups noisy?

    Are the Sliver Sky pick ups typical noisy single coils or do they have any kind of noise cancelling built it? On a related note, what are the best noiseless pickups for a Strat style guitar?
  4. Philipp Elfers

    PRS John Mayer Silver Sky Volume Pot doesn´t work anymore

    Hello folks, this is my first post in this great community and its because i´ve got a problem. I purchased a Silver Sky in August this year and like many people here wondered about the loose or wobbeling pots, however you may call it. I played the guitar in some rehearsals and also on a few...
  5. Jkater

    Fitting a Calton case to the SS

    Twelve years ago, I ordered a custom fitted Calton case in Calgary for a now-sold short horns DC style guitar. Kept the case, of course, but being exactly fitted to that guitar, it didn't fit anything else until I decided to put the scissors and thread and needle (and some sweat) into it. It now...
  6. Ovibos

    Mark Holcomb touring with SE Holcomb 7, Silver Sky

    Going to see Periphery on Tuesday night (I have 2 extra tix - if any CHI forum folks want them, DM me). Mark tweeted this, confirming again the SE Holcomb 7.
  7. Jkater

    How is the scarf joint on your Silver sky? Is it very visible?

    Hi everyone! I just received a Silver sky and the scarf joint near the headstock was quite noticeable due to different shades of the two maple pieces. While I find scarf joint a great idea from a functional point of view, it did bother me a bit from the esthetic. How is it on your SS? If you...
  8. C

    Silver Sky Wobbly Knobs

    Hi Techs, I have a new silver sky from sweetwater (serial 02777277), and all 3 knobs are wobbly. Wobbly like you can move them slightly sideways. And it makes a clicking sound. I have another PRS SE Custom 24 and the knobs are rock solid. Why is this happening? And how to fix this? I'd post a...
  9. J

    Silver Sky Fret Buzz

    Hey everybody! I got my Silver Sky not too long ago but it seems to have some excessive fret buzz. I've adjusted relief to match specs and have taken the action even a bit higher than factory, but I still have buzz all up and down the neck. This is especially bad on the low E/A strings, where...
  10. S

    PRS 2019 Update to Silver Sky?

    First post to the forum. As a happy owner of a McCarty 594 and avid fan of PRS I'm surprised I haven't joined sooner. 2019 is finally here and that means NAMM is later this month. Will PRS be bringing an update to the Silver Sky to the show? The timing is perfect as many people (like me)...
  11. Ovibos

    The Tank finally available!

    They've got the Silver Sky gigbag, aka The Tank, up on the accessories site (Also saw it on Sweetwater):
  12. S

    Silver Sky volume knob issue

    Playing the silver sky the other day, guitar goes quiet. I don't have the volume knob set to 10 (never do) so I try 10. A little scratchy at first but I get full volume. I dial down and nothing (except a very very quiet signal). I roll the knob back and forth, shake the guitar, etc, but same...
  13. T

    PRS Silver Sky pickups - reradius?

    Can the middle pole pieces of the Silver Sky be pushed down slightly to match the new 9.5~12 radius of my soon to be refretted SS. I know I can do it to Fender Pickups but not sure if doing it to the SS pickup will damage them.
  14. dkilpatrick

    NGD X3

    It’s been a busy month for guitars around here. It starts with Brian’s Limited run of SE Holcomb’s. Always wanted to try one, but never really cared for the Holcomb burst finish that it comes in. So when I saw this limited run, I grabbed a trampas green with a really wide flame pattern...
  15. A

    Yellow'd pickguard - Silver Sky

    Not sure if this is the location I should place this question but it seemed like the most appropriate place. The dealer I purchased my Silver Sky from did not remove the "PRS Please remove..." sticker/plastic film after he sold it to me. I removed it when I got home and noticed that there...
  16. Shawn@PRS

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    So now that this is a thing, we might as well start calling it by it's name. Here are some notes I took during our very detailed meeting with Paul as he described the Silver Sky and why he did what he did. Name: Silver Sky Colors: Onyx, Tungsten, Horizon, Frost Body: Alder (2 or 3 pieces)...
  17. D

    A couple of my PRS guitars

    Not an NGD by any stretch (sorry), but here are a couple PRS guitars that I have used for a long time and I'd be remiss to not share anything about them here. First one is a CE-24 that's my first ever PRS, I consider it my first ever good guitar. It's not that fanciest guitar I've ever owned...