The "Official Silver Sky" Thread


Aug 23, 1985
Stevensville, MD
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So now that this is a thing, we might as well start calling it by it's name.

Here are some notes I took during our very detailed meeting with Paul as he described the Silver Sky and why he did what he did.

Name: Silver Sky

Colors: Onyx, Tungsten, Horizon, Frost

Body: Alder (2 or 3 pieces)

Polyester base coat, Acrylic urethane top coat. (Standard for PRS)

Body shape inspired by DC3 and tradition

Scoop/finger carve: different color than rest of guitar body

Neck: Maple (scarf joint)

Nitrocellulose Finish

Fretboard: Indian Rosewood (Slab board)

Scale length: 25.5”

Nut: Bone, Width: 1 21/32”, width at body: 2 7/32”, Depth at nut: 53/64”

Radius: 7.25”

String Gauge: 10-46

Fret Wire: Tall/Narrow. Similar to Dunlop 6230

Neck shape: “JM” Carve. Between C & D. (Flat back - wide shoulders)

Inlays: Small Birds (synthetic)

Headstock: Upside down PRS, with kick-out on treble side for better access.

Pickups: PRS 635 JM proprietary Single Coil.

Output: 6.4k

Middle pickup reverse polarity for hum cancelling

All three pickups same specs

Switching: 5 Way (traditional-style)

Volume (Master), Tone (Neck/Middle), Tone (Bridge pickup)

Pots: 300k volume, 250K Tone

Bridge: All Steel. PRS Gen III-style plate, bent steel saddles

Gen III Knife Edge Screws

Same size screws as Gen III: height adjustment, intonation, trem arm screw.

Tuners: PRS Vintage-Style Locking w/ nickel cap screws

Pick Guard: White/Black/White

Truss Rod: PRS Dual action

Jack: Molded Zinc, Nickel plated.

Extra talking Points:

Paul guaranteed John that every guitar we make will sound as good as the guitars we built for John.

String Spacing is slightly wider than typical PRS spacing, but narrower than F spacing

First 500 ship in case with metal plate screwed to lid (lottery). All other will ship in gig bag.

No finish inside pickup routes so that the wood can breathe over time.
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I’m gonna touch yours.

John is great. Almost makes me forget about Rebecca.

Yer gonna have ta wine-n-dine me with Bugles an Cheez-Wizz wid some bubbly!

Seriously, this is my last fling with this type of guitar. I've had plenty over the years and thought I reached nirvana with the Xotic. Sadly, no. Hoping Paul's and John's version is up my alley. Time will tell!
I will admit at first I wasn't sure if I would like it, but the grey/silver one in the video looks amazing, and I'm a fan of the tones so far.
Hey guys, really impressed with that new release and have been a long term admirer of PRS guitars. I feel like a JM signature PRS wouldn't be a bad way to get a feel for your beautiful instruments. One question, I would like to purchase one but currently live in Australia, would you ship a Silver Sky over here? Would so love to get one with the hardshell case that goes along with it as one of the first 500's! Congratulations!
Never imagined that Paul was a Fender Wannabe, but I guess it all comes out eventually.