The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

Hey guys, really impressed with that new release and have been a long term admirer of PRS guitars. I feel like a JM signature PRS wouldn't be a bad way to get a feel for your beautiful instruments. One question, I would like to purchase one but currently live in Australia, would you ship a Silver Sky over here? Would so love to get one with the hardshell case that goes along with it as one of the first 500's! Congratulations!

Sure thing, please contact The Electric Factory, the PRS distributor in Australia.
Hope all you guys that have ordered one (or three) get them safe and sound.

Looking forward to tone clips from you lucky lads and lasses (please)!
John Bohlinger takes the Silver Sky out for a spin

1. I need this guitar.
2. I need that amp, what the hell is that thing? SMOKIN! And I love how it's ALL FIVES FOR THE TEST DRIVE, that's about as honest as you can get.
3. So many tones.
4. PRS craftsmanship.
6. I also now need a PRS with 3 humbuckers. SO. SEXY. (background axe).

Thanks for the post, Shawn!
I'm not in the market for this because, well I just can't afford it at the moment, but I notice some interesting details in the specs here

Body: Alder (2 or 3 pieces)

Polyester base coat, Acrylic urethane top coat. (Standard for PRS)

Body shape inspired by DC3 and tradition

Scoop/finger carve: different color than rest of guitar body

Neck: Maple (scarf joint)

Nitrocellulose Finish

Switching: 5 Way (traditional-style)

Volume (Master), Tone (Neck/Middle), Tone (Bridge pickup)

Pots: 300k volume, 250K Tone

Bridge: All Steel. PRS Gen III-style plate, bent steel saddles

Gen III Knife Edge Screws

Same size screws as Gen III: height adjustment, intonation, trem arm screw.

Tuners: PRS Vintage-Style Locking w/ nickel cap screws

Nitrocellulose for the neck but not for the body. A little disappointing as I think the traditional vibe of this guitar would have suited it - I won't get in to the sound argument, but a nice thin nitro coat wears easier than a poly/acrylic one, and I think a guitar like this should wear it's battle scars with pride.

Tone control for bridge pickup a la Eric Johnson Strat is good to see, really makes the bridge pickup more usable. Notice that the other tone control covers both neck and middle.

300K volume pot. Making sure that they get all of the signal out of those single coils. I think the combination of the 300k volume and tone controls on all of the pickups is an interesting tweak over the F standard.

Locking tuners!! How I wish this was what you got on a vintage style Strat. Well I guess now you do.

I read on another thread that the bridge is set up so that it's flush to the body. Downward bends only. This combined with the locking tuners should make it super stable.

Overall, sounds like a good modern interpretation of a vintage instrument.
Any idea if the price tag will be cheaper after the first 500 since it's a soft case?
Dumb question I know :eek:
I think the $xxxx is the price for one with a gigbag
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I´m all for PRS and was very happy about the announcement of this model because I was gassing for one since I first saw the little leaks from John playing it.

But now that the specs are out - and the pricing to go with it - I can only ask one thing: "...really...?"

I´m usually defending the guitars price wise, but this is one step too far, even for me.

Poly body? No Nitro, not even V12?

Scarf Joint Neck ???? Come on, that is some serious cost cutting and even the big "F" doesn´t use multi piece maple necks......

No hard case - OK, I could live with that, but again, if you look at the competition S-STyle guitars in that price range the allcome in a hardcase.

These are S2 Specs for real money. That is not justified, even if it sounds and plays awesome

Would have loved this guitar, but with these construction specs it will not be for me.
I think the $xxxx is the price for one with a gigbag
Ok I might be reading this wrong, but it seems there will be a "635 Race" to get it with a hard case and who comes last will get it with the soft one for the same price, I find this a bit unfair really.
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Lots of things I don’t get, but ok, this is a signature guitar, the artist can do whatever he wants. But:

- poly finish. Really?
- 7.25 radius...are bends prohibited by law now?
- 6230 frets????? These are the old vintage frets. Small. Tall and narrow are 6105, which are basically STANDARD for any good strat these days for the last 20 years or so.
- xxxx and gig bag. Is this an exclusive GC run and you get the case for an extra 300 or something?

By this time there are probably hundreds of PS spec sheets hitting the factory. These will address most of these issues, for some amount of money though.
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