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    1. PRSfanboy46
      Hi Shawn, I was wondering if there are any opportunities or internships to work as an apprentice under one of tech's in PTC? Contact me directly via conversations for more details. Thank you!
    2. FJ4
      Hi Shawn!
      Hope you are doing good.

      I am interested in installing the same type of Treble Bleeds and Capacitors that the DGT has in my SC 594. Do you happen to know what brand they are?
    3. sk-seattle
      hi Shawn,
      just bought my first PRS - a 2020 custom 24 in copperhead finish - beautiful guitar. excited to join this community. I would appreciate any advice you have regarding a good guitar stand - specifically what material on the contact surface is safest for these nitro/CAB finishes. cork, rubber, silicon, foam, etc.? thanks.

      much appreciated.
      1. DISTORT6
        You should post this question in one of the forums.
        This section isn’t for this. =)
        Jul 1, 2020
      Hi Shawn,

      I just recently purchased a 2019 McCarty. I'm being told it has 58/15 LT's does that mean they are tci tuned? Just curious because I can't find anything that will tell me what my guitar comes with...all I have is the serial number while I'm waiting for it to arrive.

      1. veinbuster
        Email the serial number to customer service and ask them.
        Dec 28, 2019
        Thanks I didn't even think of that
        Dec 28, 2019
        Just found out 2019 McCarty I have has the locking tuners adjustable bridge and 58/15 LT TCI tuned pickups...woohoo! It's like Christmas
        Jan 3, 2020
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    5. smithbuddy760
      Do you know if you guys are going to make the silver sky in the satin finish John has been testing. I would love to get one and if it’s gonna be available anytime soon.
    6. Raymond220
      Can I ask you if you can identify this 2005 PRS SE guitar with the painted dragon on front?
      If you send me your email I can send my pics.......
    7. Tremontinator
      Hello, friendly neighborhood moderator!
      Could I trouble you to look at the general discussions forums? Seems so be some spam happening. Random posts generated with titles consisting of random letters. I know one is called O2S and I think there was one called 0S1 or OF1. Couple others. I don't see how to flag a thread. Thanks for your time and enjoy your day!
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      2. Tremontinator
        Mar 23, 2019
      3. veinbuster
        Does your phone have a tools button at the bottom when you open the thread? Click it, the click report. I don’t use chrome or android so can’t see exactly what you do.
        Mar 23, 2019
      4. Tremontinator
        Mar 23, 2019
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    8. Guitslinger50
      Shawn, Just wanted to say thanks for the great advice on keeping the saddle screws in place. I used a little lock-tite and it did the trick. I'm really lovin my Silver Sky! I got rid of 3 Strats because they just couldn't make the grade after I got my hands on The Silver Sky. This is the 5th PRS I've owned through the 26 plus years since I bought my first PRS. Thanks again for the great support!
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      2. Shawn@PRS
        [email protected]
        Thanks for your support, we certainly appreciate it! Shawn
        Jan 7, 2019
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    9. Guitslinger50
      Hi Shawn, I've been having a problem with my new Silver Sky. Tried emailing customer service a few times, but haven't heard back. The 1st and 2nd bridge saddle adjustment screws turn themselves out when I play for a few hours. I readjust them, but they won't stay put. Have a solution to correct this? Thanks
      1. Shawn@PRS
        [email protected]
        The service department is slammed right now. I went to work today just to try to start catching up on emails.

        It sounds like you have an extremely resonant guitar. The only solution I can suggest for the screws is to add lock-tite, fingernail polish or superglue on the threads.

        Thanks - Shawn
        Jan 5, 2019
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      2. Guitslinger50
        Thanks Shawn, I'll give it a try.
        Jan 6, 2019
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    10. Brian O.
      Brian O.
      How the heck do I follow people?
      1. veinbuster
        Click your name on the upper right. You should get a drop down named ‘people you follow’. Click that and you will find a place to type in names. You can also click anyone’s name to see their profile and select to follow that person from there.
        Mar 7, 2018
    11. greatrankini
      Sean - Loved watching your 15-year guitar being made! I'm holding out for the upcoming (I hope) release of the new John Mayer guitar and it was great to see a lot about how it will be made. One question since I didn't see a good pic of it - what did Paul write on the back of the headstock? Is it something that shows up or just hidden beneath? Take care and congrats on the 15 years. Mark
    12. mad monk
      mad monk
      Shawn, Thanks so much for today. I hope Lenny shared the "poor box". PTC rules, and I posted appropriately.
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      2. Shawn@PRS
        [email protected]
        Hey Tracey- It sounds like Lenny took good care of you!
        Sep 13, 2016
    13. Shawn@PRS
      [email protected]

      I won't be checking my PM's frequently, so if you have any questions about PRS, please send them to our customer service department at [email protected]


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