silver sky

  1. B

    SE Silver Sky vs Sterling CT50SSS Cutlass

    I'd like some honest opinions from anyone who may have tried both? I am on the fence about this one. I already own three PRS guitars and am considering adding a Silver Sky. However, I have heard some say the Silver Sky sounds a little darker than a typical strat. I played around with a Cutlass...
  2. M

    PRS Silver Sky delays

    Hello everyone, New future owner here, just bought myself a core SS Frost 2 months ago. Had a schedule stock arrival for the 1st of august but it got a 2 month delay. Bought mine on thomann, is it normal to have such delays from prs factory?
  3. W

    How is the SE Silver Sky's pickups compared to something like classic vibe strat?

    Apparently they're somewhat darker than typical strat pickups? They're measured at 7.5k across all 3 pickups. Classic vibe is very bright. They measure at 5.8k neck, 6.2 middle, 6.6 bridge. I'm thinking about combining classic vibe pickups with one of JM635S so it goes 6.2 neck, 6.6 middle and...
  4. Jon Kaneshiro

    NGD SE Silver Sky Maple Summit Purple

    Just got this in! Excited to compare it to my Stone Blue one I got a month ago. First notes here when I plugged it in. Overall, slightly larger neck profile but still the same Silver Sky vibes.
  5. Ovibos

    Silver Sky SE maple + new colors released

    Info here. I don’t need a purple one… I really don’t...
  6. A

    PRS Phase III Tuners on SE SS

    I was looking for a way to mount the Phase III tuners on my SE SS without seeing the footprint from the previous vintage tuners. I came across these little mounting plates from Graph Tech. They are mount plates meant for the GT Ratio Tuners but worked well with the Phase III tuners. The only...
  7. V

    Are the new Silver Sky guitars fully nitro finish?

    I see all kinds of different stuff about this but I am just wondering if you all know for sure. I bought a Roxy Pink that arrives in a few hours and I'm curious, is the pink finish fully nitro, some sort of different nitro, or is it poly and only the back of the necks are nitro? Anyone?
  8. V

    Intro to the forum and question about Silver Sky Headstock

    Intro into how I got here (Skip if you don't care): Hey guys! new to the forum but not new to guitars or PRS. My CU22 from 2016 has been my favourite guitar for a bit now. Im a huge Strat fan and have always been curious about the Silver Sky but for whatever reason I was always hesitant. Last...
  9. S

    Pattern neck carve that's closest to the Silver Sky's

    Hi guys, New member of the forum here! I have decided to buy a PRS guitar, and I was looking for some advice from people that have played different models. A little bit of background - a few months ago I managed to try a maple Silver Sky, and the moment I touched the guitar I felt in love...
  10. G

    PRS Silver Sky Maple neck - Why JM don't use it on live? Or I'm wrong

    Hi everyone I'm writting from Spain. I have 2 PRS SS, one from 2018 in Horizon Red with rosewood fretboard. Other from 2021 Moc Sand Satin with maple fretboard. In my opinion with the two guitars, I like more the rosewood. In terms os sound is almost the same, but little better for me the...
  11. S

    Silver Sky, Cleaning Mold

    Hello Everyone, After working on my Silver Sky this weekend, I discovered a lot of mold under the volume knob. We had a gig this past summer that was humid and misting, never thought to clean under the volume knob - but I'm sure this is when it happened. Anyway, I pitched the volume knob...
  12. C

    Silver Sky SE Quality Issues

    Ok, maybe I'm just unlucky. Or maybe not. For what its worth, Vaughn Skow posted the following on his blog: A TECHS HONEST REVIEW OF A PRS SILVER SKY SE (I don't think I can post a link yet as this might be only my second post here). My story: I ordered a "brand new" Silver Sky SE from a...
  13. J

    Silver Sky with a Brass Nut?

    Hello All, I am very close to pulling the trigger on a PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Signature. One upgrade I'm already planning on making, is switching out the factory nut with a brass one (Jerry Garcia had brass nuts on most if not all of his guitars) . I did this to my Mexican Strat and I...
  14. andy474x

    Colors in the Sky (feat. lots of HDRX)

    My latest project - it was a beautiful fall here in West Michigan, the colors were fantastic and I worked hard to capture them as often as I could. The weather was not the best and limited my flying at times, but the colors held on long enough that I still got many nice flights. Here's the...
  15. S

    Silver Sky neck on a Fiore body?

    I’d love to know your thoughts on if it’s possible to put a SS neck on a Fiore body, and if so, would you want to?! I’m aware of all the reasons why the Fiore neck is designed the way it is and yes it’s a beautiful neck as is, no complaints there.
  16. S

    Changed String Brand, Now They Catch on the Nut When Using the Tremolo Arm

    Hey Everyone, I bought a Silver Sky SE and finally changed the strings recently to NYXL 10-46. Now, when I use the tremolo arm, the strings catch (in the nut slots) and some jump wildy out of tune. Is this normal? I'd rather not drive to get the nut slots recut. Debating buying the PRS strings...
  17. gpdb

    PRS 635JM vs 635JM “S” - Specs and Resonance Curve

    It felt incredibly wrong cutting my own USA Silver Sky’s pickup out to do this, but hopefully it will provide some value to everyone! I posted these images to my instagram account, which is why they have the "swipe" icon. Hopefully the images come up - if not, here's a data table with the...
  18. Jon Kaneshiro

    Almost sold my Silver Sky…until I dialed in this tone

    I almost had to sell the silver sky but thanks to a random escrow refund it gets to stay! I was fighting the action a bit the past week, but finally dialed it in to a point where I can hang on notes like I’m used to.
  19. J

    Silver Sky Chip

    So I’ve had a silver sky in moc sand satin for about 4 months, and last night I noticed a small chip right next to the top strap button. It’s an odd place for anything to have bumped it especially since my strap stays on the guitar 90% of the time. Also I would think the strap should have...
  20. psassaman

    PRS Silver Sky SE Volume Roll Off Issue/Concern

    First time poster - long time PRS player. I recently purchased an SE Silver Sky as a backup/B-Guitar, but honestly I'm so blown away in it's closeness to my USA Silver Sky that I'm going to end up keeping it longer than expected - the lightweight poplar and Moon White color doesn't hurt...