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  1. S

    Silver Sky neck on a Fiore body?

    I’d love to know your thoughts on if it’s possible to put a SS neck on a Fiore body, and if so, would you want to?! I’m aware of all the reasons why the Fiore neck is designed the way it is and yes it’s a beautiful neck as is, no complaints there.
  2. S

    Changed String Brand, Now They Catch on the Nut When Using the Tremolo Arm

    Hey Everyone, I bought a Silver Sky SE and finally changed the strings recently to NYXL 10-46. Now, when I use the tremolo arm, the strings catch (in the nut slots) and some jump wildy out of tune. Is this normal? I'd rather not drive to get the nut slots recut. Debating buying the PRS strings...
  3. gpdb

    PRS 635JM vs 635JM “S” - Specs and Resonance Curve

    It felt incredibly wrong cutting my own USA Silver Sky’s pickup out to do this, but hopefully it will provide some value to everyone! I posted these images to my instagram account, which is why they have the "swipe" icon. Hopefully the images come up - if not, here's a data table with the...
  4. Jon Kaneshiro

    Almost sold my Silver Sky…until I dialed in this tone

    I almost had to sell the silver sky but thanks to a random escrow refund it gets to stay! I was fighting the action a bit the past week, but finally dialed it in to a point where I can hang on notes like I’m used to.
  5. J

    Silver Sky Chip

    So I’ve had a silver sky in moc sand satin for about 4 months, and last night I noticed a small chip right next to the top strap button. It’s an odd place for anything to have bumped it especially since my strap stays on the guitar 90% of the time. Also I would think the strap should have...
  6. psassaman

    PRS Silver Sky SE Volume Roll Off Issue/Concern

    First time poster - long time PRS player. I recently purchased an SE Silver Sky as a backup/B-Guitar, but honestly I'm so blown away in it's closeness to my USA Silver Sky that I'm going to end up keeping it longer than expected - the lightweight poplar and Moon White color doesn't hurt...
  7. Julian

    Traditional PRS Body w/single coils?

    Hey all, hope you’re well, As great as the Silver Sky is, does anyone wish PRS would continue manufacturing the 305? I know the 509 is available but personally I’d love a 305 with a 25” scale length (instead of 25.5”) and core maple tops.
  8. Julian

    Smaller Birds Silver Sky

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had info or knew why silver sky bird inlays are smaller than regular PRS birds.
  9. K

    Silver Sky Changes

    I've read that the Silver Sky underwent a few changes after the first couple years of production, such as neck shape and pickup modifications. When did the changes take place? In 2020 or 2021? I'm looking at buying a 2020 midnight rose model, and I'm wondering which version it is. Thanks!
  10. K

    Silver sky inlays

    Anyone know what material the birds are made of on the American silver sky? Corian? Thanks!
  11. M

    Silver Sky static through amp.

    Hi I recently purchased a new Silver Sky and I love everything about it. However, I noticed that when I run my hand along the body and neck of the guitar it causes a loud static that persist until I stop touching it. I tested my other guitars too try to replicate this issue but the Silver Sky is...
  12. tyfu20

    Double NGD for me!

    So this NGD is a double dip for me on the S2 594, which I stupidly sold a couple of months ago. Happy to have it back and won't be making that mistake again (until I get the core:)). The Silver Sky on the other hand is something I wasn't even sure I was gonna dig as I only really liked one...
  13. AlexBohlin

    What species of rosewood does Silver Sky use?

    I'm about to get a new guitar, but I'm not sure if I want a maple or a rosewood fretboard. I have way more experience with maple than I do with rosewood, cause I've only ever owned one rosewood guitar, and didn't put much thought into the feel of it before it was gone. I guess I'm leaning more...
  14. K

    Silver Sky Pickups

    Anyone know what kind of magnets are used in the Silver Sky JM635 pickups? Alnico 5, 2, ceramic, etc? Thanks for the replies!
  15. Patrick Montgomery

    NGD - Roxy Pink SS

    I was able to score this beauty with a luckily timed call to Willcutt’s on my way home from work today before they listed it! I am very happy with the way the pink looks in person, and the guitar feels/sounds phenomal! I’ve seen a few of these trickling out on Reverb so hopefully some of you...
  16. Patrick Montgomery


  17. G

    Strange noise touching pickguard on PRS Silver SKy 2018

    Dear all, Recently I purchased a second hand PRS Silver Sky from 2018 in mint condition. The previous owner, take of the sticker of PRS from the pickguard. The strange think is that if I touch the spot where the sticker was, it has strange sound. I search from this and can't find the solution...
  18. G

    New Silver Sky Horizon Red Owner

    Dear All, I'm new on this forum. Since few month ago I decided to sort my guitar collection and have less guitars but more quality. 4 main guitars, 2 of them top quality/playability and other 2 for backup. So... I have a Gibson Les Paul R8 from 2021 and other Les Paul style/copy for "backup"...
  19. J

    Wow! A PRS Silver Sky w/ Sweet 16 Combo. It's on another planet.

    I posted a few days ago for the first time on this forum about the Sweet 16 Combo and whether or not to purchase it. A few people encouraged me that it was a good deal and I should go for it. I've always appreciated Paul's interviews and the intense level of commitment he has towards...
  20. D

    Aftermarket Tuner Replacements for SS?

    Hey Folks, new member here. I have a customer that wants to put aftermarket tuners for his silver sky, he doesn’t like the original ones. Have any of you done that before? What brand fits without doing any modification? Thank you!