silver sky

  1. tigerza

    My Cabinet Just Came In!!

  2. M

    Anyone have experience with satin finishes?

    I placed an order for a Moc Sand Satin Silver Sky, but I’m contemplating cancelling it and trying to find a gloss version from 2020, as I’m not sure how I’ll like the guitar glossing up in places over time. Anyone have experience with satin finishes? How long did it last before turning glossy...
  3. Eatcubensis

    Normal wear for a maple SS?

    Purchased those polar blue silver sky back in December. Intermediate player with 1 hour a day average play. Not too worried about it, but is this kind of wear expected so soon? Are my sweaty hands a natural destroyer of fine finishes?
  4. S

    Silver Sky Trem Issue

    Hey Everyone, Got a Silver Sky and the bridged is decked (factory setup). When I use the tremolo a bit, I noticed the G and B strings do not go back in tune - they go sharp actually. Is this a problem with the bridge being decked? Do I need to make it a floating trem setup to use it? Or...
  5. joshoptical

    Silver Sky in a mix?

    Anyone play their SS in a band or otherwise mix setting? I have a 2020 maple board in Orion Green and can’t help finding it incredibly bright- always looking for more “umph.” Ive been playing over 20 years so it’s not as though I don’t know how to work an amp or tone knob. Meaning I’m not...
  6. O

    Silver sky and American Professional Strat

    Help! I own an antique olive American professionals strat with a. Rosewood board and a Orion green PRS silversky also Rosewood board. I feel like they are too similar to have 2 S type guitars but each are subtly different in there own right. I love the neck on the prs and it plays like a dream...
  7. M

    Sliver sky bridge pickup replacement?

    Good day Has anyone here replaced the silver sky’s bridge pickup? I’m thinking stelly or twangbenger. Just wanted to see if someone else has done it. What pickup did you choose for replacement, and how do you like it?
  8. J

    Sizzling B string on new Silver Sky

    Hello. I just got a brand new Silver Sky with maple fretboard. I have this odd issue where the B string has a kind of sizzle sound to it when played fretted. The action is just a bit above 4/64" on the high E at fret 12 to 5/64" on the low E. The relief is about .006 at the 8th fret but I...
  9. C

    Ilitch System install onto Silver Sky?

    Has anyone installed a Ilitch Hum Cancelling system into their Silver Sky? I know that I would have to flip the reverse wound pick up which is scary if it changes the tone. Also did the system drill easily onto your back plate? Any info would be awesome Im considering this but dont want to mess...
  10. G

    (SOLVED! Post #19) - Lines/Checking Under Silver Sky Finish (Frost)

    Hey y'all - long time reader, first time poster. Forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere - I searched but could not find anything regarding this. I've got a ton of parallel lines that look like "checking" underneath the Frost White finish. Hard to see unless you catch the light just...
  11. S

    Sharp Notes After Sitting - Then Goes In Tune?

    Hello Everyone, Bought a new Silver Sky a couple months ago and have noticed lately that when it sits for a few minutes, the strings go sharp (maybe 10-20 cents?). However, if I play for 5-10 seconds, they go back to being in tune. Anyone experience this? Could the tremolo claw screws be too...
  12. S

    Silver Sky Neck Pocket

    Is it normal to have a gap between the neck and the body here?
  13. C

    Silver Sky Saddle Rust

    Hi, My silver sky's saddle has rusted pretty badly. I live in Singapore (high humidity). Any advice? How to get a replacement? How to prevent future rusting? I've cleaned it with wd-40. Can i replace them with vintage fender strat saddles? Thanks.
  14. C

    Silver Sky Saddle Height

    Hi, Recently I had to take out the saddle and de-rust them with wd-40. But i forgot to mark down the saddle heights. Also I don't have a radius tool. Could someone please post their saddle heights, ideally for factory setups? I would like to start with that and adjust as I go. Right now...
  15. B

    Silver Sky Maple Neck Shape

    I've been searching for a 2020 Silver Sky with the modified neck shape that has the rounder shoulders. It was announced that 2020 would mark the year maple necks/fretboards were offered. I'm curious, does anyone know if the maple neck has that rounder Neck profile? If not, anyone knows when...
  16. B

    Looking for Neck measurements on 2020 Silver Sky

    I have a 2019 Silver Sky and I'm looking to alter the neck to make it more like the 2020 Silver Sky with rounder shoulders. If I was to give this to a luthier what measurements would he need? I want to make sure it's done correctly. Thanks
  17. B

    Silver Sky Neck Reshape?

    I recently purchased a silver sky, being a huge mayer fan and fan of the blues. This came after a long search for a new guitar and I returned my first guitar purchase from sweetwater. The first one was a Music Man Cutlass RS with rosewood fingerboard and roasted neck. I returned it for one main...
  18. S

    Silver Sky - Volume Sweep Between 10 and 1

    Anyone here notice a huge volume difference between 10 and 4-ish on their Silver Sky? To the point where 2/3 are just about non-existent? I just got a new silver sky and it roars at 10 but it's so quiet at 4. Maybe I'm just crazy here or maybe my amp is too quiet, but wondering if anyone...
  19. S

    Silver Sky Neck/Headstock - Two Pieces???

    Just got a Silver Sky from Sweetwater today and saw on the back of the neck that the head stock seems to be a separate piece and is blended in? Either that, or they sold me a guitar which had a neck repair. You can see the wood grains don't line up, so I'm pretty sure it's two pieces. Is this...
  20. Plugske

    Nice video David Ryan Harris featuring John Mayer

    Awesome jam with fabulous musicians and did I spot a Silver Sky Nebula in John's hands?