Sliver sky bridge pickup replacement?

Michael Scott

New Member
Sep 13, 2020
Good day

Has anyone here replaced the silver sky’s bridge pickup?

I’m thinking stelly or twangbenger.

Just wanted to see if someone else has done it. What pickup did you choose for replacement, and how do you like it?
I kind of have this same question, because I've been a long time hater of Strat bridge pickups. The overall excellence of the Silver Sky really did not change that opinion. So I'd like to change to a betterer pickup too. But based on what I saw when swapping out my SS pickguard, the silver sky pickups do not have the same geometry as Fender strat pickups. Specifically they're straight along both long edges and don't have the kind of "D" shape of a traditional Strat pickup.

In other words, you're not gonna put a traditionally strat-shaped pickup in a Silver Sky without removing some wood from the guitar. I'll post a helpful photo or two when I'm a little more able.