Aug 29, 2019
Hello All,
I am very close to pulling the trigger on a PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Signature. One upgrade I'm already planning on making, is switching out the factory nut with a brass one (Jerry Garcia had brass nuts on most if not all of his guitars) . I did this to my Mexican Strat and I personally found that it improved the sound/tone of the instrument. I'm not necessarily trying to get that Jerry tone out of a Silver Sky but I think it could potentially be a unique upgrade overall to make. Does anyone have any insight they could provide on replacing stock PRS nuts? Should I avoid doing this or is it worth giving it a try? I don't want to potentially screw up a brand new instrument so I thought I would ask in here before I think about doing it.
I've done this on a S2 594 and SE PG for the same reason...Jerry did it, man! It just didn't feel right.

In the end I reverted back to the PRS nut. I still have the brass ones and will try again on a diff guitar prob. Now you have me thinking I should try it on my SE SS...I already put a Blaster on it due to reading about PRSh doing that on one of the first guitars he made.

I have a Further with a Brass nut and that is stellar!

Thanks for lighting the fire on that thought, OP.