Silver Sky, Cleaning Mold


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Sep 23, 2019
Hello Everyone,

After working on my Silver Sky this weekend, I discovered a lot of mold under the volume knob. We had a gig this past summer that was humid and misting, never thought to clean under the volume knob - but I'm sure this is when it happened.

Anyway, I pitched the volume knob, cleaned the volume pot surface and pickguard with wet clorox wipes, let the guitar air dry for a few hours with the pickguard partially off (I had fresh strings on the guitar), then hit the volume knob with some Deoxit.

Is there any concern about the clorox wet wipes damaging the pot? I'm sure some liquid got to the inside of it.

Also, is there any concern about plugging the guitar in if all the liquid isn't dried up? Should I remove the pickguard again and let it dry out more?

Thanks! Never had this happen to a guitar so it's all new for me.
OP, the best way to answer this is to contact PRS directly, and pose the question to customer service. They will either connect you with their PT department, or put you on hold a while and get back to you in a few minutes.

Their phone number is: ‭1 (410) 643-9970‬

and you can also contact them via this email: [email protected]
Something I've learned over many years of being a home owner in a rural setting and dealing with plumbing disasters. Letting anything "air dry" for a while isn't very often adequate, but moving air is. To dry out a bathroom subfloor last year I used a large fan to circulate air, did wonders to dry the plywood subfloor and the planking beneath it.
I suggest you do something similar with your SS but with this additional idea. Do not remove your guitar to another area or room if your humidity is reasonable controlled (I would think we all do everything we can to assure our babies get a comfortable an safe environment) and let the fan circulate the air within the room. I would not let the air blow directly on the instrument! That will avoid drawing moisture out of the guitar body wood and neck but the circulation should assist in wicking away any moisture somewhat trapped in the pots/recesses and under the pick guard being removed gently. Just a thought.