I wax potted my core Silver Sky pickups


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May 8, 2024

My first post please be gentle.

I had to wax pot my 2022 moc sand silver sky pickups. I found them to be very microphonic, the pickups were picking up even the minimum occasionally pick hit.
If bumped the pick on the pickups, the pickguard or even the body I would hear it very loudly on the amp. I tried to adapt my playing style to account for that but it was becoming really frustrating, I also played in front of mashall stack and the guitar squealed.

Here is what I found, prs silver sky core are really similar to how apple does it stuff, they are made not be very reparable. This is due 3 plastic pins that connect the pick up cover to the pickup itself, also there is some sort of glue on top between the cover and top bobbin? Both of these elements will get ruined if you open the pickup, so my pickups now have no glue and all of these plastic pins are broken.... o well, at least the guitar is cured from microphonics.

I also found that the coils are not so well done as I expected, I saw some loose threads that prs had to add some electrical tape to hold them for not breaking. I almost broke one as it was so loose that was glued along with the mentioned glue between the cover and pickup.

So I got some pictures to whoever is curious about how the pickups look, I also advice no one to open the pickup unless you really need, and know your stuff, as you could catch a loose coil wire and rip it on the process.