Silver Sky - Volume Sweep Between 10 and 1


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Sep 23, 2019
Anyone here notice a huge volume difference between 10 and 4-ish on their Silver Sky? To the point where 2/3 are just about non-existent?

I just got a new silver sky and it roars at 10 but it's so quiet at 4.

Maybe I'm just crazy here or maybe my amp is too quiet, but wondering if anyone else noticed this.
If you are newish to low output pickups and single coils in general to get max flexibility set your amp to be at a happy place between 4-8 on the vol ( IMHO ) then 9 becomes super sweet and 10 is 11 :) with 4 - 6 being pretty clean .
The last post was correct. Vintage strats and volume pots function like that.

you use the volume control on your guitar to adjust gain throughout the gig.

Volume at lower levels also changes your tone and you get an increase in the treble at higher numbers.

It's definitely something you get used to. And it works really really well with a germanium fuzz pedal at the front of your chain!!!! Try it, you get a clean tone with the volume down and fuzz pedal always on. To activate the fuzz just roll up your volume knob.
Two important things to consider here.

Pot taper: most guitar potentiometers are logarithmic tapers which behave as described.

And the silver sky uses a resistor with the pot to get an exact value for the system which will supposedly alter the sweep of the pot.

Electronics gurus correct me if I'm wrong please.