1. T-Meaux

    Hollowbody II piezo - working with 2 transmitters?

    Hi there, I did my search but did not find an answer here. So my honest apologies in advance, if this topic was already addressed. I have a PRS Hollowbody II with trem and piezo. Instead of being wired to my two amps (Marshall Acoustic & Hughes Kettner Tubemeister) I would like to use 2...
  2. B

    SE Hollowbody II Piezo very loud

    Love my new SE Hollowbody II Piezo......except.... Question is that the Piezo pickup is super hot, it's probably more than twice as loud as the magnetic pickups. Is this normal? It really is a big difference. Thanks for any help.
  3. Utkarsh

    My Franken’ Les Paul Private Stock Build

    Some of you are familiar with my first Private Stock build. I was revisiting the guitar recently and realised how it was a pretty much a Frankenstein’s monster of a Les Paul The original starting point was to create my dream Les Paul, but it pretty much evolved into something else all together...
  4. ShawnF1222

    How would you change out pots on a SE HollowBody 2 w/piezo?

    How would you change out pots on a SE HollowBody 2 w/piezo? There's no control cavity in the back. Do you somehow fish through the F holes? Seems challenging. I imagine some would develop a tool, such as a modded coat hanger. The thing about imports is the build may be good but certain parts...
  5. Utkarsh

    2021 Custom 24 Piezo Comprehensive Review

    So this is the second video in the series, after the Tremonti. This one is a bit more complex, since the Custom 24 piezo as the guitar does have a lot more options with a 5 way switch and a piezo/piezo blend In my opinion, if someone was to come and ask me which guitar to invest in, if they...
  6. M

    Amp noise when using magnetic & piezo input jacks

    Hi! Hoping someone can point me right direction with troubleshooting this Using a custom 24 piezo, I'm getting an awful amount of noise though my amps when I have both the magnetic and piezo inputs connect to two amplifiers. Connecting each input separately to each amp has no issues. I've...
  7. jamrcat

    New Thread Piezo

    This is not a debate about piezo's. I've used them in electrics for 20+ years. I am installing a Graphtech Acousti-phonic pre amp on my CE24. I found a video where some put one on a CE24, but didn't show the wiring. A second video only showed one with passive wiring. I am looking for wiring for...
  8. N

    Hollowbody Standard - Piezo Volume Control Issue

    Hi, I'm working on a borrowed guitar, hence my ignorance! I just have a question about how it's meant to work. Everything seems to be fine when using two outputs and two amps - one volume for magnetic pickups and one for the piezo. When plugged into just the mag/piezo output, and the mini...
  9. J

    My First Core Purchase Advice

    Hey everyone just looking to get some advice on buying my first Core model. For the last few years I have been rocking a 2018 PRS SE CU24. I wasn't crazy about the 85/15 pickups in them as they seemed a little dull with a lack of definition in the low end. I ended up replacing them with Rebel...
  10. AZGiant

    PRS SE Hollow body Piezo

    Finally looking to bring one of these into my arsenal. I am curious, for those that already have one: 1. Mixing the clean piezo and the distorted humbuckers, curious how the blending of that sound works as it would be the first time I have ever done that. My assumption is blend the clean...
  11. H

    Wireless system for Piezo

    I just bought a PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo, and am looking for a wireless sytem that is compatible. What ones have worked with this guitar, or is this even possible with the active piezo pickup? Thanks in advance. (Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere - I did search).
  12. AragonWingfoot

    Hollowbody II With Piezo or Without

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if the piezo being installed in a core Hollowbody II affects the tonal quality of the magnetic pickups if the piezo is disengaged. What I’m asking is if there were two identical core Hollowbody II’s with the only difference being one had the piezo installed and...
  13. Utkarsh

    Private Stock #8346 McCarty Trem Piezo Part 2: Video Review

    Hi folks, Happy Saturday:) Thanks for all your lovely words on the NGD thread. Really made my day which is saying something, given it was a NGD of such epic proportions. As promised, here is the video review where you can hear and see the guitar a bit better. Beyond what I say in the video, a...
  14. Utkarsh

    NGD: Private Stock #8346 'Daenerys' (594 ME1 513 P22 Chimera)

    So folks, this is by far my most special NGD yet, in the making for more than a year. Also, my first time speccing and designing a guitar exactly to my needs. The base: the Les Paul..cough, cough... 594 The PRS that first won me over was my 2017 594 Singlecut, a guitar which has since evolved...
  15. HoovHead

    Single Cut HB II -NGD

    NGD --> 2011 Single Cut Hollowbody II <--NGD First, I have ALWAYS wanted an antique white PRS. Lately, I also have GAS for a hollowbody. The local GC brought this sweet instrument in on trade. On Saturday morning, I woke up early and performed my daily used PRS search from the GC APP (at 5:00...
  16. Jo-

    Belated NGD .... my first burst

    So I'm in the UK for a few months and as I was far away from all my guitars (in Connecticut) I decided to buy myself a Christmas present as I haven't bought a guitar for a couple of years. It's my first burst finish guitar as all my other PRSi have just been solid colours. I like that this...
  17. Jo-

    My dream guitar - HBII with rosewood neck

    Hey, hey! Years ago when I got my first 2003 Hollowbody and after experiencing the feel of a naked rosewood neck I always wished for a HB with one. But PRS said they would never make them as they were too neck heavy, bla bla bla. But as always, things change and PRS did make a few non PS HB's...
  18. Joe Ciarlante

    P24 into PA

    Long-time PRS player here and I recently picked up a sweet 2012 P24. My question is about running the piezo pickup through the PA. I'm running into a Radial PRO DI box but would like to have some tone control/EQ on my end and not just at the PA. Any recommendations on a stompbox/device for that...
  19. Blakemore

    Help me find an old friend < PRS HBI McCarty Content >

    Most of us at one point or another have sold a guitar we wish we could get back and this is my story. I was fortunate enough to get a PRS HBI for graduation in 2005. My parents are not big spenders but they knew how long I had wanted one and I was fortunate to be given one. I played that...
  20. Mozzi

    Incoming NGD!! HBii with one piece top

    I tried so hard to resist, my bank balance is in tatters but I just had to do it.... This little beauty - a 2018 Hollowbody II w Piezo and a one piece Top/Back - will be joining my PRS family on Tuesday - this is a Photo provided by the shop I am buying it from... I think she will fit right...