Belated NGD .... my first burst


f-hole lover
Apr 27, 2012
Connnecticut, USA
So I'm in the UK for a few months and as I was far away from all my guitars (in Connecticut) I decided to buy myself a Christmas present as I haven't bought a guitar for a couple of years.

It's my first burst finish guitar as all my other PRSi have just been solid colours. I like that this burst hasn't got that sharp definition between the colours and is a bit more blended. And I also love the blue back on the neck.

2019 HBII piezo (non 10 tops) in violet blueburst.

Not sure why the pictures are posting sideways (anyone?) so I've added the links so you can see them the right way around.




My mum really likes the look of it and she gave her the name "Melody". So say hello to Melody.
So that’s not considered a 10 top? It is so unique, grains in different directions, just gorgeous.
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Very nice.
HB piezo is my preferred travel guitar.
Yes it's mine too. I like the fact that the volume is plenty loud enough unplugged for me to enjoy but not too loud like an acoustic, for instance at a campground where you could annoy others with your playing.

Also if sitting in front of the tv playing, it doesn't really bother other family members, and it's light too!
Dig that top! Love a good bruise burst, too. Congrats on a great find!
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Congrats! Love that figuring on the top and back. Agree on the colors not having such a sharp boundary between the stain / spray border.
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