Can I add a Piezo pickup to a knockoff PRS SE semi-hollow II?


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Nov 16, 2023
Let me start off by saying that I am a huge PRS supporter, and would just buy an SE Hollowbody II Piezo if I could. But unfortunately they only make right handed models, and the left handed models are EXORBITANT in pricing and scarce in availability, to say the least. So my next best option is buying a different model semi-hollow.


I came across AIO Wolf KLP 45FM, it's a semihollow that is extremely close to the Hollowbody II in design, which I love, except it's available in left handed. Not only that, it's under $500 and reviews seem to be glowing. The caveat is that it doesn't have a Piezo hookup, which is a feature that I'm seeking in a semihollow.


Given that it is so close in design to the PRS semihollow, can I just purchase spare parts and wire it up myself? I'm imagining I'd need the dual output jack, the wiring harness, the battery compartment, the Piezo potentiometer and the Piezo pickups. Is this as simple as having a luthier cut some holes, solder some wires and I'm good to go? Or is this something that is a really big undertaking?


Obviously, having to hack and slash a guitar mod is not ideal. And Id love to just own a legit left handed Hollowbody Piezo, but they're about $11,000 starting so it's not viable for me. I've looked into other models, and I've not found any that have dual output that match my style. I don't like that massive gretsch style hollowbodies, or even the Epiphone casino style semi hollowbodies. I like the sleek style of the PRS / AIO Wolf. There's a Michael Kelly Tele style semihollow that has a Piezo but it's not a separate output jack, it's just a blend knob. Not quite what I'm looking for.

I appreciate any help in advance.