hollowbody ii piezo

  1. G

    Can I add a Piezo pickup to a knockoff PRS SE semi-hollow II?

    Let me start off by saying that I am a huge PRS supporter, and would just buy an SE Hollowbody II Piezo if I could. But unfortunately they only make right handed models, and the left handed models are EXORBITANT in pricing and scarce in availability, to say the least. So my next best option is...
  2. ShawnF1222

    Struggling With SE Hollowbody 2 w/Piezo - HELP

    I bought a SE Hollowbody 2 w/Piezo on line. It's a beautiful looking instrument but the piezo was overloading and the pickups are dark and uninspiring. It looks awesome and plays GREAT, but sounds eh. I think I have the piezo issue dialed back, but now those pick ups. They were adjusted very...
  3. ShawnF1222

    PRS SE Hollowbody 2 with Piezo - Attenuation Control for Piezo?

    New guitar to me and I am still learning the capabilities of this guitar. Is there an attenuation control for the piezo or just the volume knob? I was hoping to use the mix output but the piezo is wicked hot. If I could tame it, I could potentially dial in a mix. Still may be a way, but figure...
  4. H

    Trying to decide between Mccarty Thinline and Hollowbody II w/ Piezo

    My greatest frustration with reviews is the lack of information on the playability of the instrument. The feel, comfort, etc. Best case scenario you get to try before you buy, but there is nothing in stock in my local stores and I'm having to buy online. Weight is a huge issue for me. Not...
  5. RickF

    PRS SE Hollowbody II with Piezo comments /question

    Hi, I have gigged a bit with the my new PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo. A couple things that I am a little surprised at. The battery compartment for the piezo is a disaster waiting to happen. Having the wires pull out with the battery compartment seems a suspect design decision at best. I know at...
  6. RickF

    Tarnished bridge post on brand new SE Hollowbody II Piezo

    Hello All! I have a brand new PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo. This is an OUTSTANDING instrument. With that said, my upper nickel bridge screw (where my hand rests) is already starting to tarnish. This seems quite quick for this to happen. I have owned the instrument a little less than a month and...
  7. show_a_little_faith

    NGD - Hollowbody II Piezo (one more try to fix pics!)

    I've never named any of my guitars before, but may I now introduce you all to "Neo": Originally had Gold tuner buttons, I had them swap out for the Faux Bone. I think they're a better match with the pickup rings Flame on! (along with some funky lighting reflections) I found several...