Diameter of Hollowbody ii piezo Strap Button hole


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Jul 14, 2019
I have a Hollowbody ii piezo and need to fix the strap button on the horn. Looks like it is stripped. I have read toothpicks, etc. but want to use a dowel with wood glue to make it stronger. My research makes me think the opening is 5/16 but was curious if anyone knew for sure, or had a better way to repair it?

Toothpicks and glue will be plentry strong enough. I just used toothpicks on mine - no issues.
This. There is no need to drill it out bigger. I had 4 USA Fender guitars that I had to do this on. All of them had the pilot hole drilled too large and the threads pulled out. Once I did this, they never had an issue again. Push a number of them in until you can't get more in there. That will give you plenty of wood to bite into.
Your mileage may vary, but my local guitar tech was able to fix this on my Epiphone for $5.

For $5-10, it's probably worth it just for the time saver, alone. Also, you'll know it's being done correctly and will last.