Trying to decide between Mccarty Thinline and Hollowbody II w/ Piezo


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Feb 11, 2023
My greatest frustration with reviews is the lack of information on the playability of the instrument. The feel, comfort, etc. Best case scenario you get to try before you buy, but there is nothing in stock in my local stores and I'm having to buy online. Weight is a huge issue for me. Not interested in a debate, under 7lbs is always the better guitar for me. So in PRS, my choices are limited to Mira (UGLY!!!)-- plus looks too much like my Gibson LP JR-- the McCarty 594 Thinline, the Zach Myers, and the Hollowbody. I already have the Hollowbody without piezo and I do like it a lot, but want another lightweight PRS with a different sound. I've narrowed it down to the Thinline and the HB II with piezo. Do you own either of these or both? Do you know differences in weight, comfort, sound options, pros, cons, pitfalls? (Feedback or other issues with HB piezo??). I play mostly rock and country lead. So combo of 1st/2nd fret chords/licks and down the neck soloing to around 12th fret. Any info appreciated. Thank you.
Why not sell the HBII and get the HBII w/Piezo and then get the Thinline as well? I have the SE HBII w/Piezo and it's very light , versatile, and very playable. I know that many of the reviews of the Thinline said it was the best of the McCarty's. That way, you could have both.