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January 10
Electrical Engineer

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aCk!!! Thbfftt!!! :P, Male

Old Guitar Whore May 28, 2017

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    1. JimmyDee
      We have a lot in common... both Christians, both electrical engineers, both have PRS CE24 with Mann Bridge...
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    2. Glide-bpm
      Old Guitar Whore
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    January 10
    Electrical Engineer
    Line 6 Helix. Line 6 Helix LT Too many stomps to list... aCk!!!
    Two custom built tube amps. Various 4x12 and 2x12 cabs. Mesa Road King II.
    Acoustic Guitars:
    Takamine, Gibson Chet Atkins
    Electric Guitars:
    PRS Santana Retro Blood Orange
    PRS McCarty 594 Artist Wood Library Charcoal Jade Burst, Cocobolo fret board, Korina body and neck, Quilted Maple Top.
    PRS 509 Wood Library 10 Top Faded Whale Blue, Mahogany body and neck, Quilted Maple Top, Gaboon Ebony Fretboard.
    PRS Private Stock #3881 Limited Edition 408 Faded Abalone, Cocobolo fretboard, PRS Experience 2012.
    PRS 2008 Mira Maple Top with hollow birds.
    PRS 2018 S2 Studio, Antique White.
    PRS 2018 Special 22 Limited Edition Artist Package Semi Hollow Fire Red Burst.
    PRS CE-24 Trampas Green, Zhangbucker custom Pure Wound pickups, MannMade USA Tremolo.
    PRS Orianthi SE (Zhangbucker pickups, MannMade Tremolo, tip locking tuners).
    PRS CU24 green flame maple top.

    Agile LP copy (neck through, Zhangbucker custom wound pickups, quilted maple top, locking tuners, gutted/replaced electronics).
    Carvin DC127 (very modified).
    Agile Tele copy (with Fender N3 pickups, gutted/replaced electronics).
    Agile LP copy (set neck. Zhangbucker pickups).
    Gibson Les Paul Supreme.
    Gibson Les Paul flame top.
    Epiphone Prophecy GX Plus Black Cherry quilt top Les Paul with Gibson pickups. Jay Turser ES-135 copy with custom wound pickups and gutted/replaced electronics.
    LTD 7 string for those nasty days.
    Love Zhangbucker custom wound pickups. Takes him awhile to get your order built, but they are well worth the wait!!!

    Love hitting the water on my 23' party boat. Lakes/rivers/ocean abound here in SC, USA
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