1. Xav22001

    NGD: CU22 Piezo Maple Fretboard

    A/B'd that guitar against another 4 USA customs, I'm happy to report it's absolutely amazing! My custom 24 (the brown one I'm holding in the picture) was already quite present, bright and sustained particularly well when I bought it. This CU22 has the same sustain, slightly less low mids and...
  2. Spinland

    Details on the 2017 A10E's electronics?

    I've seen a metric crap ton of great demos, and some high level discussions that gloss over the electronics as active piezo under-saddle. I understand the tone/volume control setup and where the battery is tucked away. I was hoping to find some actual meat on the electronics: is it a PRS...
  3. DavidRome

    PRS Semi-Hollow vs Hollowbody ii (Core Guitars)

    I'm having trouble deciding for sure which model of guitar to buy. Here’s what I have: Guitar #1. 2012 - P22 Stoptail 10 Top - Fade Blue Burst with Blue back and neck (I think it’s a custom color) It has factory replaced HFS and Vintage bass pickups in leu of the 57/08’s (Any opinions about...