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Private Stock #8346 McCarty Trem Piezo Part 2: Video Review


Ministry of guitar
Apr 13, 2017
Hi folks,
Happy Saturday:)
Thanks for all your lovely words on the NGD thread. Really made my day which is saying something, given it was a NGD of such epic proportions.
As promised, here is the video review where you can hear and see the guitar a bit better. Beyond what I say in the video, a few notes.
- The guitar looks golden in sunlight, even on the curly maple charcoal stained side. I cannot describe how spectacular the effect is. The beginning of the video where I open it in the shop captures that look the most accurately
- The bridge tremonti has a sting in the tail. Took a bit of getting used to (goes to show how the same pickups sound different in different guitars) but once the right amp settings dialled in, it's like a turbo-charger. Love it
- The neck pickup does the Les Paul tone perfectly in my opinion despite the tremolo bridge. Sustain is tremendous too
- The bone nut coupled with tremolo is working out well. Tuning is as stable as any other PRS of mine

Incredible looks aside, I would have bought that one on sounds alone!
Fantastic all around.
Sounds great... A real beast with a wide variety of tones...