Amp noise when using magnetic & piezo input jacks


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May 8, 2023
Hi! Hoping someone can point me right direction with troubleshooting this

Using a custom 24 piezo, I'm getting an awful amount of noise though my amps when I have both the magnetic and piezo inputs connect to two amplifiers. Connecting each input separately to each amp has no issues. I've replaced the battery for the piezo and have tried multiple amps. My best guess is a broken or loose solder joint...
Has anyone else come across this?

Any help is very appreciated!
Yep, I get the same thing...well, kinda.

I run my piezo side through it's own acoustic board with about three pedals on it. From there it goes direct into the PA.

My magnetic side goes into a separate pedal board with three pedals before the amp, and four in the fx-loop. I've noticed that if I disconnect the fx-loop, it takes away most of the noise. Running the piezo direct into a D/I box (and no pedals) also helped eliminate noise.

If I'm running the magnetics through a decent amount of gain, it'll also pick up some of the active pickup noise from the piezo, which disappears when unplugging the piezo jack.

All in all, I haven't found a bulletproof solution, but have pretty much determined that it's ground noises happening through my myriad of pedals and amplifier settings.
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It Sounds Like A Grounding Issue. Is It Possible There Is A Wiring/Connection Issue Of Any Kind? That Could Be A Culprit As Well.
It definitely sounds like a ground issue. I have run my piezo equipped PRS guitars in many bars with dirty power and never had any noise issues. I typically run my separate instead of out of the one combined jack. I have used the combined jack at home and at jams and never had any issues with blending the piezo in with the magnetic pickups.