custom 24

  1. Utkarsh

    2021 Custom 24 Piezo Comprehensive Review

    So this is the second video in the series, after the Tremonti. This one is a bit more complex, since the Custom 24 piezo as the guitar does have a lot more options with a 5 way switch and a piezo/piezo blend In my opinion, if someone was to come and ask me which guitar to invest in, if they...
  2. M

    Amp noise when using magnetic & piezo input jacks

    Hi! Hoping someone can point me right direction with troubleshooting this Using a custom 24 piezo, I'm getting an awful amount of noise though my amps when I have both the magnetic and piezo inputs connect to two amplifiers. Connecting each input separately to each amp has no issues. I've...
  3. N

    PRS Private Stock Custom Form/Menu

    I am finding it difficult to find the right spec PRS Custom 24, and am considering a Private Stock Build to Order PRS. I found a PS form online, but I didn't see a menu of options to select. I just ordered a Jackson Rhoads Custom Shop and Martin Custom Shop 000-18 Ambertone and they had a nice...
  4. N

    Sophie Burrell's PRS Custom 24 Wood Library Finish

    I was interested to learn what the finish is on Sophie Burrell's PRS Custom 24 Wood Library Guitar. You have to find a still photo to understand how nice the maple top is. It looks like a Quilt Custom Color, which is way beyond a Custom 24 Core Model with a Ten Top. It seems to be similar to an...
  5. K

    Harley Benton is good for PRS

    I’ve been playing strats since I was 15,a sunburst Bullet onto Affinity onto Squier onto USA (several in between) and then onto custom shop, I bought a Harley Benton CST-24 a year ago loved it and it made me want buy a PRS and I did buy one, a PRS custom 22. It is amazing, every inch perfect. So...
  6. S

    Custom 24 - Feeling Uninspired

    Hey everyone. Longtime reader of this forum but this is my first post. I have a 2011 Cu24. It came with a Vintage Bass/HFS and 3-way toggle with push-pull. It has served me very well. Things I love about it are: Bridge pickup with some gain, the trem, the playability, the neck. Things I...
  7. J

    Roasted maple neck finished or not?

    Hey I got a PRS SE Custom 24 a while back, its one of the models with the roasted maple neck. I can not tell whether or not the fret board is finished or not. Its getting rather dirty, that's why I ask but I wanna make sure I take care of it properly ya know?
  8. L

    PRS SE Custom 24 Tremolo arm loose

    Hello everyone, My tremolo arm is kind of loose and won't stay in place, also by come out if I bend over. I read in some article that there is a small hole in the bridge that can be tightened with an Allen wrench. Well, my guitar did come with a tiny Allen wrench (to adjust the height of the...
  9. Utkarsh

    The evolution of the Custom 24

    Happy Friday everyone. So I did do a lot of trading recently and as I was mentally scouring my collection, I realized that one form of guitar had taken over as the dominant type over another that had defined me since I first picked up electric. Indeed my collection now had less Les Paul and Les...
  10. Utkarsh

    The question no one asked

    Just how much bigger is a PRS Custom 24 8 string vs. a regular Custom 24? Well, if you didn't know, now you do It's quite funny how the regular guitar looks so petite here. But the shape DNA is clear to see from the shape to the control layout. I also find the 4 a side headstock very satisfying.
  11. Going Modal

    HFS/Vintage Bass vs. 85/15's (vs. 59/09's) in a Custom

    I have two later-model PRS Customs (a 22 and a 24), both of which came with 85/15 squabbin pickups that I did not like [short opinion: too "modern" for me, too sharp of attack]. I quickly outfitted both guitars with 59/09 squabbins instead, which I definitely prefer over the 85/15's in both...
  12. HANGAR18

    NGD: 2012 PRS Custom 24 - Red/Black Burst

    For those of you who expressed an interest in seeing the used PRS guitar that I ordered over the phone from the Tampa Florida Sam Ash store after I sold my truck, here it is. 2012 PRS Custom 24 - Red/Black Burst The flame top on this is 100% incredible top to bottom, but you don't see all of it...
  13. Utkarsh

    Review: 2020 PRS Custom 24 with Nitro and TCI

    Some of you may recall my Quarantine NGD post back in January when I became a proud owner of an Artist Pack Custom 24 in Purple with a Maple fretboard and neck. This guitar has been my main band...
  14. T

    Floating Bridge - b Exceptionally High

    I lowered my action as far as I could without buzz, and my b string is higher than my e & g string. 1) is this likely an issue with the way the nut is cut? 2) How would you recommend changing this? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  15. D

    Replacing uncovered 59/09 with covered 57/08 on Custom 24

    Hello everyone. I just got on eBay a set of 57/08 pickups. I currently have 59/09 uncovered pickups that came factory installed on my 2012 Custom 24 with 5-way blade. I wanted a bit less harsh and vintage sounding pickup and wanted to give the 57/08 a try. Anyway, i think I’ll have some trouble...
  16. G

    Installing new pickups on a cu 24 and wiring implications

    Hi everyone, I’ve got a cu 24 2012 and love it, but I’m looking for lower output pickups and have considered installing a set of Thornbuckers. I’ve been wondering whether there would be any wiring consequences that would affect coil splitting options, for instance, will the guitar still have...
  17. Utkarsh

    NGD: Core Mark Holcomb Custom 24

    Well technically it's a belated NGD as I got the guitar two weeks ago but I really wanted to play the guitar properly for a while and provide an informed review. Also after the two recent NGDs of the 8 string and the Purple Artist custom 24, I thought you lot would murder me. It was quite...
  18. Talen O

    Help identifying this finish

    Hey guys sorta new here, been a member for years but never really posted. I recently came into possession of my first USA PRS, an '09 Custom 24 and I'm trying to figure out what color it is. It looks sorta like a black gold burst only without the black around the edges. Will post pics once I'm...
  19. J

    Dave Navarro USA Custom 24

    Unfortunately struck out and couldn't make a deal with the lead I had so wanted to throw a post together again in case anyone knows of a site or person with one of these available. Preferably with the Brazilian Rosewood but more-so prior to 2012 when they just had the stencil birds in the...
  20. Kalamazuu

    '97 Custom 24 - First PRS!

    Just got my first PRS! A 1997 Custom 24 After looking at a bunch I was going to get an S2, then came across this and it was quite a bit less expensive than most others I had seen so I jumped on it. I was quite nervous about the Wide Thin neck since there were no PRSs in town to try out, but I...