custom 24

  1. Talen O

    Help identifying this finish

    Hey guys sorta new here, been a member for years but never really posted. I recently came into possession of my first USA PRS, an '09 Custom 24 and I'm trying to figure out what color it is. It looks sorta like a black gold burst only without the black around the edges. Will post pics once I'm...
  2. J

    Dave Navarro USA Custom 24

    Unfortunately struck out and couldn't make a deal with the lead I had so wanted to throw a post together again in case anyone knows of a site or person with one of these available. Preferably with the Brazilian Rosewood but more-so prior to 2012 when they just had the stencil birds in the...
  3. Kalamazuu

    '97 Custom 24 - First PRS!

    Just got my first PRS! A 1997 Custom 24 After looking at a bunch I was going to get an S2, then came across this and it was quite a bit less expensive than most others I had seen so I jumped on it. I was quite nervous about the Wide Thin neck since there were no PRSs in town to try out, but I...
  4. Utkarsh

    Double Quarantine NGD Part 1: Purple Artist Custom 24

    This is a highly unusual NGD and as is usual with me, a verbose one. About four months ago, I had to travel to India for a family matter and have only today returned to Singapore. Singapore having some of the stricter quarantine laws around require me and my wife to self isolate in a dedicated...
  5. S

    35th Anniversary SE Custom 24 truss rod cover doesn't sit flush

    Just picked up one of these secondhand and noticed something odd I've never seen before on a guitar. The truss rod cover doesn't sit flush with the headstock because the truss rod nut is sticking out, preventing the cover from sitting flat against the surface around it. The previous owner...
  6. S

    35th Anniversary SE Custom 24 truss rod cover doesn't sit flush

    Sorry, I just realized I posted this in the wrong section. If anyone can tell me how to delete this, I'd appreciate it. My bad.
  7. M


    Hello, does anyone have a prs custom or standard 24 with the stoptail configuration for sale. If so I’ll but it!
  8. D

    Pick of the litter

    Curious how this shakes out. Please vote!
  9. R

    PRS SE Custom 24 has anyone tried rotating or flipping split coil pickups?

    PRS SE Custom 24 has anyone tried rotating or flipping split coil pickups? Any opinions if single coil modes sound better or worse?
  10. J

    Dave Navarro Custom 24 WTB

    Hey All, I've been on the hunt for a Dave Navarro Signature Custom 24, not the SE version, for a while now and figured this might be a good place to tap into if anyone has one for sale or is looking to sell theirs. I've been hunting around on reveb but only the SE's pop up or ones that have...
  11. Mozzi

    2 Custom 24's - 1 serial number

    A friend of mine has just bought a couple of 90's Custom 24's but noticed they both have the same serial number... As you can see both guitars are quite different - one a Black Cherry with Birds, the other a Scarlett Burst with moons Both are all original with all original hardware. Has...
  12. J

    Tremonti Treble vs HFS in a Custom 22?

    Hi, I own an SE Custom 22 with a Gibson Dirty Fingers in the bridge (was a big Blink 182 fan at the time I put it in), and I also own a Tremonti SE with the US Tremonti pickups in it which I love the sound of and I’m considering replacing the Dirty Fingers with a Tremonti in the CU22. Has...
  13. T

    Will PRS SE Clint Lowery sound good in standard tuning?

    Hello folks! So i'm a beginner/ kind of intermediate, been playing an acoustic for a couple of months, and want to buy my first electric. I don't have much knowledge about stuff, I was considering the PRS Custom 24, but found a really good deal for the SE Clint lowery signature model from a...
  14. Rowjah

    Downtuning a Core Custom 24 with Gen III Tremolo...?

    Hello Everyone, Just recently bought my first PRS and it's a 35th anniversary Custom 24 with the tremolo. I absolutely love it. I was wondering if anyone has ever successfully downtuned this beast to C (C-F-A#-D#-G-C) without fully disabling the trem? I know it's not ideal to downtune guitars...
  15. Mozzi

    NGD: Custom 24 'Floyd' - It's here now...

    Having recently picked up a PRS 594 Hollowbody ii - something with a 'vintage' vibe, I have now added what can really be described as at the other end of the spectrum - Modern, high(er) output Pickups, 24 frets and of course a Floyd Rose trem system... As expected, my incoming 2019 Custom 24...
  16. S

    Considering buying a Custom 24 core

    So I've recently been looking to purchase a Custom 24. But due to the limited market here in Norway, there aren't a whole lot of guitars to choose from, and import is sadly too expensive. Anyways, I found a new S2 Custom 24 and almost decided to buy it, but after searching the used market there...
  17. munrodeo

    Help Identifying Used PRS... Again

    Good Morning All! I am in the market for my first PRS and have been keeping an eye on the used market for a CE24 or Custom 24. I first played my guitar instructor's PRS about 15 years ago and I figured it was finally time I picked one up. Not knowing a ton about model variations year to year...
  18. Andy C

    Bitten by a Rat

    I bought my first PRS, a 2002 Custom 24 last year. It is in fantastic condition, especially given its age, definitely played, with some minor fret wear and a little chrome worn away on the low E trem saddle. It looks and plays fantastically. It has however recently been bitten by a ProCo Rat. It...
  19. S

    2008 Korina 24 Limited Specs?

    Looking to get more history in these...specs, value etc. From what I can find this was a limited run, Mira pickups (?), feels like a regular or thin profile. Any input appreciated.
  20. A

    Is this top patter "normal"

    Hi All, I'm planning on buying my first PRS guitar - Custom 24 35'th anniversary - and I've got some real images from the store. Looks good, put this top pattern is a bit unusual (the armrest area).!ArtYyBAaEV--g6gKJldeVRp9n53uWQ?e=nFjC2D I know that it doesn't affect the...