custom 24

  1. Leon

    My PRS addiction is complete :)

    Haven't been visiting this forum in a while - got me 3 PRS guitars (one is not pictured, an S2 22 that I've put a Lindy Fralin set into, my workhorse) in the past 6 months and I feel my addiction is finally sated. So, if I get a band/project/session that brings some more coin to the table...
  2. mynameistim

    How much off the retail price for this Custom 24?

    Hi, I just bought a PRS Custom 24 Wood Library from an Online Shop. It retailed for 5,290€ Here are some photos: Since this Guitar hung around in the shop for some while, it had some minor paint burst at the body. They offered me 290€ off for this. I now discovered that there are 3...
  3. Utkarsh

    Comparing my '08 PS Custom 24 with a Les Paul Custom

    So folks, here's my weekly video update for your entertainment. This time, I put together two guitars that found me. The faded Indigo Burst Custom 24 was literally brought to a shop in central Tokyo hours before I spotted it, and thanks to the previous owner's very thoughtful mod (replacing a 5...
  4. Skeeter

    35th Anniversary Custom 24

    Hey, I haven’t seen much talk from those that have gotten one of these yet. Obviously, I know they just hit the market in the past month or so, making the pool small. But, to the extent they’re out there - I’d be curious to hear from those that have gotten one (or even just played one) and how...
  5. ESPImperium

    NGD: PRS SE Custom 24

    Finally got rid of my Ibanez 7 string, Ive came to the realisation im not a 7 string player now. Tried the SE Holcomb 7 and i just for the love of me can't play a 7 string. But i have my SE Mushock, that will do for the low stuff. However, after trying a Jackson SL2Q MAH in Winterstorm, and...
  6. Utkarsh

    My wife tries to guess the value of my guitars. Featuring my Private Stock Cu24 and DGT

    So folks, for once, we had a free Sunday afternoon so my wife and I quickly put together this fun video. It features 9 guitars including two of my favourite PRSi, my NAMM 2014 show model Private Stock Aqua violet Custom 24 Singlecut thickness, that I picked up in Japan, and my Charcoal...
  7. Smurl

    Custom 24 5-Way Wiring

    Hello, I’ve got a question regarding the wiring of the Custom 24 in my avatar: is it possible to wire the 5-way switch as 1: bridge humbucker 2: bridge split 3: both humbuckers 4: neck split 5: neck humbucker I would much rather have this configuration as I don’t get much use out of the...
  8. N9NU-9

    2013 Custom 24 Wood Library Artists Pkg - V12 Fogging issues

    Hello I am inquiring about getting my guitar re-finished under warranty due to the V12 fogging issue I have in two places. While most would say 'just deal with it', I know it's there and would like to know what exactly I need to do in order to get it re-cleared. It's from Wild West and it's a...
  9. guitargeek62

    Restoring an '87 CU24 - suggestions? (UK/EU)

    So I've managed to snag myself a rather nice looking Cu24 recently that's been subject to a fair bit of use over the years. Although it needs a bit of work, I've managed to get it for a killer price so I'm really looking forward to getting it usable again - it's also a "birth-year" guitar for me...
  10. Joseph Berlin

    *Video* Aquableux 10 Top is now officially mine!!

    Remember those pics I posted last week of the guitar I was planning to pick up in NJ? Well I went to get it this weekend and it looks even better in person than any of the pictures could ever have suggested. I thought I'd post a couple quick videos to showcase the grain in the wood, it has so...
  11. Joseph Berlin

    Picking up my first PRS this weekend!!!

    New member here, hello hello!!! Been playing guitar since I was 11 (27 years of age now) and have somehow gone all this time without owning a PRS, which is practically a sin. On Sunday I will be picking up a mint condition (literally unplayed) 2014 Custom 24 with an aquableux 10 top quilt maple...
  12. vami

    DGT, Santana, 513, McCarty RW - What Next?

    Hello fellow Birds & Moons, I am a rather newbie to fantastic PRS world, coming primarily from Les Paul land. Have recently acquired these aforementioned beauties and want to go for next one, I'm in splits about buying a Custom 24 especially so as I have never played owned or seriously...
  13. S

    Are 10 Top/Artist Package Options selectable or do I have to get the full package?

    I'm looking to get my first PRS Core guitar but I'm honestly having quite a hard time choosing one of the colors that are available for the Custom 24. I absolutely love Gibson style bursts such as Honey Burst, Desert Burst or (Heritage) Cherry Sunburst. Unfortunately the latter one is only...
  14. Begood

    Did I get Ripped off? :)

    So i bought my First PRS Custom 24 2014 off Reverb. The one in the profile pic. $2000 It seemed like a Great Buy.. When i Received the Guitar I noticed more Dings than were mentioned. One Varnish smudge that he mentioned was on the neck was more like a small Hit to the neck.. Anyways the guitar...
  15. Utkarsh

    Video Review of a Special Private Stock I found in Japan

    Hi folks, I bought this very beautiful Private Stock Custom 24 (Singlecut thickness) in a small town in Japan and then found out some fascinating history about it, linking to NAMM a few years ago. Link to the video below. And it's quite a guitar!
  16. pauloqs

    NGD Custom 24-08

    Thank you for helping make a decision. I was torn between a CE24 and a Custom 24-08. Then as I was browsing Reverb saw this one, a new 2018 model of the Custom 24-08 going for $2,600.00. It’s a regular figure top in Aquamarine. The photos don’t do a good job capturing the actual color. In...
  17. pauloqs

    CE24 vs Custom 24-08 Help

    hi, I’ve owned 2 CE24 which I ended up returning. I believe I was unlucky with my previous two CE24s. The guitars felt absolutely amazing and sounded amazing, but had a few issues that I do not believe is the norm with these guitars. I’m willing to give it another go with the CE24. However, I’m...
  18. mvhussen

    Value for PRS Custom 24 1994

    Hi there, I am considering buying a used PRS Custom 24 from 1994. The color has completely faded and it has the specs as stated below. See pics below as well. What do think this guitar is worth? Thanks, Mark - Custom series - 24 Frets - Bird inlay - Indian rosewood fretboard - Vintage bass...
  19. Skeeter

    Swamp Ash Cu24s

    Anyone have experience with a Cu24 with a swamp ash body? I like Ash in my favorite Strat - a litttle scooped and sparkly. But, not sure how they would work in a H-H PRS. I’m looking at one with high output pickups and a RW neck. I’m thinking maybe it’s gonna be a scooped mids thing for...
  20. G

    Fixed Bridge

    Maybe Im just a minority but I sure wish more fixed bridge options were available, like with the SE Custom Zebrawood and the american made custom 24. I remember the Tim Mahoney SE model a few years ago, I guess it didnt sell well. In any case Im throwing my vote in for more fixed bridge options.