Will PRS SE Clint Lowery sound good in standard tuning?

Tahmeed Bin Enam

New Member
Jul 14, 2020
Hello folks! So i'm a beginner/ kind of intermediate, been playing an acoustic for a couple of months, and want to buy my first electric. I don't have much knowledge about stuff, I was considering the PRS Custom 24, but found a really good deal for the SE Clint lowery signature model from a friend. (for around 320 usd, i live outside us). I'm not a metalhead or anything, I will mostly be playing in Drop D/ Standard or Drop C# tuning. So in the website it says that the clint lowery model is made for very low tunings, so I was wondering if it will sound nice if I play it in standard tuning? I can replace the strings as well. Is it worth it to buy it around this price? Or should I go for an ESP KH-202? (at the same price.) I prefer the prs tone and style without a question, but just unsire about the tuning thing, if it'll be worth it.
Plenty of people use the Holcomb in standard tuning which sounds and plays great. So the Lowery should be the same. Go for it! Those are tough to come by these days.