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custom 24

  1. Skeeter

    Swamp Ash Cu24s

    Anyone have experience with a Cu24 with a swamp ash body? I like Ash in my favorite Strat - a litttle scooped and sparkly. But, not sure how they would work in a H-H PRS. I’m looking at one with high output pickups and a RW neck. I’m thinking maybe it’s gonna be a scooped mids thing for...
  2. G

    Fixed Bridge

    Maybe Im just a minority but I sure wish more fixed bridge options were available, like with the SE Custom Zebrawood and the american made custom 24. I remember the Tim Mahoney SE model a few years ago, I guess it didnt sell well. In any case Im throwing my vote in for more fixed bridge options.
  3. T

    Custom 24 fret size comparison?

    What is the Warmoth fret size closest to the S2 Custom 24?
  4. W

    Custom 24 metallic ringing around 4k

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, and I hope some of you skilled PRS aficionados out there can help me out with a long-standing problem with my PRS. Sometime around 2002 I bought a PRS Custom 24. I love playing it and I love looking at it, but it has also proved to be a terribly difficult...
  5. Ovibos

    NUGD - Wood Library Custom 24, rosewood neck

    I've been stalking this one on Reverb for a while, even made a (rejected) offer - when lo and behold, 15% off for Black Friday week! It's dead mint, and I got it for a steal. Strings may have even been the stock ones it shipped with in 2017 from @MooreGuitars... cut them off, cleaned the...
  6. HNSFury

    Santana on a Custom 24 - 1989

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but I've never seen Carlos playing a Custom 24 (Assuming that the guitars in question here are a 25" scale of course). Enjoy!
  7. HNSFury

    PRS Custom 24 for Jazz!

    I run my 2017 CU 24 (with 85/15) through Logic and positive grid (Bias amp2 and FX). I would have never expected that a 24 fret with 25" scale would be good for smooth jazz/Fusion. It seems that the clarity of the neck pickup (due to its placement closer to the bridge) + the attack of the...
  8. G

    NGD First PRS!!! Custom 24 from the Experience

    Got my first PRS the other day (technically bought at the experience, but needed to be shipped). Custom 24 in either Dark Cherry Sunburst or Autumn Sky? Not sure about the color maybe someone could clear that up for me. Is a joy to play though and sounds great. https://imgur.com/pMjyYvj
  9. G

    Experience ?s and advice

    Hello all, Headed to the Experience for the first time this year and am interested in purchasing my first prs guitar while there. Looking for some answers from PRS players/owners and people who have attended: • Any tips/advice you can give me to keep in mind on shopping in this environment? •...
  10. CakeEater

    Can I mod my tone/volume pots to brighten up my 85/15 pickups?

    Hi everyone, So I've had my CU24 for about a year now. While I quite like the vocal qualities of it's 85/15 pickups, I always have this compulsion to roll the tone pot up a bit more, even though it's at 10. I guess I'm trying to take it to a hypothetical 11 or 12. I've been playing a strat...
  11. D

    A couple of my PRS guitars

    Not an NGD by any stretch (sorry), but here are a couple PRS guitars that I have used for a long time and I'd be remiss to not share anything about them here. First one is a CE-24 that's my first ever PRS, I consider it my first ever good guitar. It's not that fanciest guitar I've ever owned...
  12. Anaxes

    Dealer Exclusives Custom 24s? LT 85/15

    I've been shopping around for my first core. I play a lot of jazzy jam band stuff (big phish fan) and some indie rock. Looking for some more unique colors that some of the dealers get in from time to time. Not looking to spend more than a ten top. Also anyone with the 85/15 LT? not sure if they...
  13. C

    My first PRS!

    Hey all, Thanks for all the help along the way! As promised, here are some pictures of my first PRS - 2017 Leprechaun Tooth Custom 24...:D:D:D https://imgur.com/gallery/6GXCk Hope I attached these right :confused:
  14. T

    How old of a guitar would you buy?

    I’ve seen many used prs guitars on reverb from 1995 and even below that still sell for a considerable price... I was originally looking for something no older than a 2007ish model, but what do you think? Are there any risks in getting a 20-year-old guitar?
  15. T

    What is swamp ash?

    What is swamp ash, and how does it sound compared to other woods? How would it sound with a maple neck?
  16. Vanhaye

    Virtual Together (PRS custom 24)

    This is our vision of the future. The guitar is from the day before. PRS custom 24, 1991 Vanhaye
  17. Vanhaye

    Don't Push - PRS Custom 24 (91)

    The guitar sound is 100% PRS custom 24. For the movie animation an other (fake). It's a part of the song "The Guitar Finger Daily Tour" see YouTube. Direct recording without guitar amp.
  18. R

    My guitar volume&tone spin very easily

    Hi, I just bought a second hand PRS Custom 24 and the volume&tone spin very easily is there something to to without replace it? Thanks
  19. Vanhaye

    La Comparsa (e-guitar, homerecording)

    PRS Custom 24 (1991) Direct recording without guitar amp.
  20. D

    Few questions on the custom 22 20th anniversary

    Hi there,I am considering picking up one of those.I have already tried it and was pretty impressed I must say.I have never owned one before and have very little knowledge about prs guitars.Its also a 10 top.What exactly is a 10 top?I cant seem to find much info on the specs though strangely.The...