Harley Benton is good for PRS


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Apr 26, 2022
I’ve been playing strats since I was 15,a sunburst Bullet onto Affinity onto Squier onto USA (several in between) and then onto custom shop, I bought a Harley Benton CST-24 a year ago loved it and it made me want buy a PRS and I did buy one, a PRS custom 22. It is amazing, every inch perfect.
So is Harley Benton GOOD for PRS?
Well maybe. I bought one due to the raves on YouTube video’s. Could not get rid of it fast enough. I do own PRS guitars now.
Harley Benton is a brand of German based musical gear store Thomann. Thomann is minimum Europe's biggest player when it comes either to a regular store and online sales.
They have nearly everything in store related to make music. Talking about guitars, Harley Benton is low price range instruments to max. price of 600 EUR.
I‘ll tell you one thing. This PRS is another level in guitars, I can’t believe I’ve not tuned it since I got it, doing the whammy evh test . Still in tune. happy me.
Yeah, Sergio check out the vibrato for us years ago and gave it a two thumbs up and a video.