The evolution of the Custom 24


Ministry of guitar
Apr 13, 2017
Happy Friday everyone.

So I did do a lot of trading recently and as I was mentally scouring my collection, I realized that one form of guitar had taken over as the dominant type over another that had defined me since I first picked up electric.
Indeed my collection now had less Les Paul and Les Paul Style guitars than Custom 24s. Though I mentally thought of myself as the Les Paul guy, in reality, I was now the Custom 24 guy

In recognition of that, I decided to make a series of videos celebrating the Custom 24, of which this is the first.

Which is the 'Evolution of the Custom 24'. I happen to have a birth year guitar (me and PRS guitars are almost the same age) which is a 1986 original Custom with birds in (faded) whale blue. And I have a few more, including a couple of 2021's which in my opinion represent the ultimate philosophical evolution of the 'One guitar to serve all needs' ethos.

One is a a Custom 24 Piezo and the other..well, you'll need to watch the video to see which guitar I believe is the ultimate modern day interpretation of the 1985 PRS Custom..

What was amazing for me was how similar the guitars felt, even back to back, The DNA has clearly stayed constant over the years with subtle and not so subtle advancements along the way.

Here goes

The next video will be the 'Mutation of the Custom 24'. I think you guys can guess where that one is going..