Trying out a new format. Custom 24 Stoptail 7 String Content. Also Burl. Also Hormigo. And oh Snakewood!


Ministry of guitar
Apr 13, 2017
As part of my experiments with the video medium, which have been making my sabbatical quite fun, I'm trying out a new style
I sold a couple of guitars recently and the folks who bought them were familiar with the youtube channel, and of course I gave them a tour of the collection, unboxing guitars here and there.

We had a great time and one of them gave me the feedback that it was really great to be shown the collection 1:1 with all the little tit bits of information etc.
Which gave me the idea, of rather than doing sharply edited 'youtuber-esque' content, to instead do a long form, tour style video for my guitars. Almost as if I was showing you the guitar if you were visiting me.

Here's my first stab at this style. I've chosen a special one. It's a Private Stock Custom 24 Stoptail 7 String. A guitar I had spotted in Japan in 2018 and then finally bought 3 years later. It has all the materials mentioned in the title and more.