NGD: PRS Private Stock 7 String Floyd in Faded Peacock Blue


Ministry of guitar
Apr 13, 2017
Do you know that dance you sometimes do with a guitar? Should I? Shouldn’t I?
Sometimes that dance is abruptly cut short by another suitor, jumping in bravely. Sometimes that dance continues indefinitely.

Well my dance with this guitar (or rather its internet listing on Ishibashi Japan’s website) began sometime pre-pandemic. At that time, it was two things I wasn’t entirely fond of. Bright green and with a floyd. But it was a PRS Private Stock 7 String, rare as hen’s teeth and with a trem, rarer still. Sadly there was the issue that for some reason, it was at least 50% more expensive in US dollar terms than it needed to be.

That dance wasn’t as much as a half step tango and I forgot about it. Fast forward to November, December 2021 and two developments injected new life into a distant memory. Firstly the guitar changed colour. Well, thank you for once, infamous PRS blue/green fading, as the guitar reappeared in new pictures in an accidentally awesome two tone with a dark as night front but a still blazing bright back. Like something pulled out of a toxic leak in an alternate steam punk universe. I loved it. The icing on the cake was that the guitar was now priced much lower in yen, and the yen itself having taken a tumble, it was suddenly in reasonable territory (in general, the yen taking a tumble is not great for me given the nature of my job, but this is one small silver lining).

I hesitated as the guitar was technically ‘faded’ and my 7 String PRS gas landed on another guitar from Ishibashi, the infamous Booberry burst Holcomb-sequel ‘Behemoth’, whose NGD I captured right about a year ago. The fun story is that that guitar was so awesome and stable that I thought it was a 26.5inch scale when it was actually 25 inch.

But this guitar remained in the corner of my eye. Over the year, the yen collapsed 25% vs the dollar.

The corner of my eye strained more.

I started really getting into my Gibson Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess and even picked up an ESP Eclipse Floyd at a steal. After setting up both guitars, the infamous Floyd was no longer scary and I finally banished the ghost of my college roommate’s Schecter Omen FR which had scared me off Floyds for 17 years.

My eye strained more and more. Until mid December, when it could strain no more.

So folks, here it is. The yet unnamed, but incredibly awesome PRS Private Stock 7 String Floyd Rose. As far as I can tell, there are only 4 other PRS 7 Strings with a Floyd Rose, a very tasty Brian guitar’s run and 3 other private builds.

Let’s get into the pics without any further ado.

Starting things off with a Black Comet Tolex is always great


The Top has faded into this incredible slightly brownish, slightly greenish charcoal colour. The green comes to life in the light as traces of it remain. It is quite spectacular

More pictures. The back remains a vibrant Peacock green. The standout is the flame on the neck which has so much movement that my wife reacted for the first time to a colour, exclaiming about how it changed in the light.


Slightly better representation in the light outside.