7 string

  1. Utkarsh

    Trying out a new format. Custom 24 Stoptail 7 String Content. Also Burl. Also Hormigo. And oh Snakewood!

    As part of my experiments with the video medium, which have been making my sabbatical quite fun, I'm trying out a new style I sold a couple of guitars recently and the folks who bought them were familiar with the youtube channel, and of course I gave them a tour of the collection, unboxing...
  2. Utkarsh

    New Guitar Day: Private Stock 7 String Singlecut Tremolo in Smoked Dark Purple Glow

    Well folks following the incoming thread, it arrived a day early. Now isn't that a nice surprise? What's there to say? Well, to begin with, this is my absolute dream guitar. A year after I started playing seven string (after 15 years of six) and fell in love with it, I knew it (7 String) was...
  3. Utkarsh

    Incoming. The Epic guitar of my dreams. After almost 30 months of waiting

    A little ironic to post this right after my 'investment' video, since this is not an investment at all. Or maybe it could be ;) ;) No, in all seriousness, I specced it out around April May 2021 after a lot of trepidation and going back and forth on many spec choices. The initial estimate was...
  4. Utkarsh

    My debut album: 'Swans of History' by Alzoron

    Hi all I usually post about my guitars but this is a touch different. After close to twenty years of being a bedroom and occasional bar musician, I have finally made started making public my alarming large stack of unpublished original music. Hoarding songs is not something I’ve actively tried...
  5. Utkarsh

    Collection Chronicles #8 The 'Boo-berry burst' Private Stock 7 String

    The collection video is a bit early this week. Featured today is a guitar I got about a year back but originally conceived by the wild minds in Ishibashi music , Tokyo back in 2018/ Custom colour, custom purple case (the only PRS purple case I have ever seen) and a burl top that makes one think...
  6. Utkarsh

    My accidental Scale Length experiment with a twist ending

    So a few weeks ago, as some of you who follow the forum know, I purchased a Private Stock 7 String. I have been wanting one for a while, one of the reasons (apart from I love 6 string PRS's) is the scale length (26.5 inch) which I think is the best for 7 strings. So it arrived and I immediately...
  7. Utkarsh

    NGD: Finally got a 7 String PS 'Holcomb' Custom 24

    Alrighty folks, as promised, here is the second of the NGDs. This was ordered on 31st December so it didn't break my no guitar purchase 365 day promise, unlike the other Stealth Holcomb. Now all of us on the forum are familiar with the fine art of online guitar watching. We spot a guitar we...
  8. Rick Stewart

    SE Custom 7

    Hello all, I just bought a 2013 SE Custom 7. I'm really happy with it so far, but it has some features I'm not familiar with and I don't think they came stock on this guitar. It has what they call a "blower" switch which is on a push-push volume pot. It bypasses all the controls and sends the...
  9. FunkyFreeman

    SE SVN pups - amazing DCR values

    Hi guys, I've found sth interesting about SVN and think it should be shared to you all as this surprised me. As modding project of my SE SVN goes on, I happened to wonder how DCR value on these 85/15 'S' 7 String would be. I thought the reading would be kinda low-medium since these seem to be...
  10. A

    Mark Holcomb SE Signature 7 String Possibility

    Hey guys, I own 2 Holcomb SE Models (Holcomb Burst, Satin Grey Black) and absolutely love them all around. I also have a PRS SVN that I've upgraded, but I would love to see a 7 string version of the Holcomb SE. Does anyone else feel the same? If so how can we make this happen?
  11. A

    PRS SVN Players

    Last year I purchased a PRS SVN Black Cherry finish and have recently upgraded the tuners, pickups, and knobs. Now, all the guitar hardware is black and it looks a lot better to me personally. I replaced the prs bridge with a black hipshot, swapped the stock pickups for Seymour Duncan...
  12. C

    Metal players / Extended range

    Recently picked up my SE sVn over the summer. Absolutely love it, but yet I sit wanting more. I torture myself everytime I see Mark Holcomb's 8 string monster, and begin hunting for one of those private stock unicorns of August 2016 My hope with this post is to raise the awareness of an 8...
  13. G

    7 String SE guitars

    Hello =D I am wondering whether the 7 string SE Model is still in production because I can't find any in stores. I know that they are still listed on the PRS website but here in Germany I don't find any store who carries them, even the big ones (thomann , session , Music store)! They are not...
  14. D

    Ready for a swim? New 7-string Private Stock!

    Hey folks. Hope you've all been well. Thought you might enjoy a look at my new PS 7. Quick specs: Maple over ash, Maple board/neck. Dimarzio Blaze 7 pickups. Northern Lights finish. I said on the spec sheet "just pick the craziest flame you can find". Here's a...