Triple Singlecut New Guitar Day. Private Stock and Soapbar content


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Apr 13, 2017
So folks, the last three months of guitar adventures have been crazy. I have been buying and selling guitars with a speed I did not expect. And over the Christmas break, emboldened by the ability to move gear, I did some er Christmas shopping.

Well, it's more of a realisation that my long fascination with Gibson (even though PRS is my favourite company) is over, and I will move about 10 of my Gibsons with zero regrets since I don't play them. I am however still very much in love with Singlecuts and I spotted three unique singlecuts that struck my fancy.

This is an introductory post. More will come once I play them more, including videos. Also I got them together since I returned home today.

1) Exhibit A: 2006 PRS Satin Standard Singlecut Trem Soapbar
A long forgotten model. These are nothing like S2s , but full cores (identical until the maple top and satin nitro instead of poly). These are incredibly affordable (though even rarer) on the second hand market and I have been looking for the P90 Trem version for a while. I played a little bit and it is as sweet and incredible as I expected. Punches way above its weight. I got this from Japan. They said it has been played (though it feels just the right amount, lots of fret life remaining) and has mojo oozing from every pore of that mahogany




2) Exhibit B: PRS Private Stock Singlecut Trem Piezo in Satin Charcoal (aka Modern Eagle Style), Rosewood Neck
I have given up finding a Modern Eagle 1 Singlecut (I was supposed to buy Misha Mansoor's but that's a different story) and when I saw this, I realized it was better suited to my needs, having the more traditional switch positions (which I prefer) as well as a Piezo. Haven't played it much, but it is such a sight to behold with the charcoal back, white back and etched mammoth ivory birds, that gawking is mandatory for some time. I have a pair of 58/15 LTs sitting with me for some time, which may find a home in this guitar as I'm not sure I'll be a fan of the original 6 pickups.




3) Exhibit C: PRS Private Stock SC245 24 fret in Black Cherry Glow (1 Piece Quilt Top, Cocobolo Neck)
This was not on my radar. Till I discovered it had 24 frets. 24 fret Singlecuts from PRS are rarer than hen's teeth and I love Cocobolo, so I leaned forward and got this one (assuming some Gibsons will get sold in the next few months to fund this). The woods as you can see are beyond spectacular, but one special mention has to be the Braz fretboard which is so dark it almost looks like ebony. I have 5 Braz guitars (3 513s, 2 ME1s) but I have never seen Braz rosewood so smooth and dark.

I have played it a little and I have to say, this is the most sparkly sounding singlecut I have heard in my life. Almost feels like a tele. I A B'ed my faithful Custom 24 piezo (that I play live with) and unfortunately the Custom 24 felt like it had a blanket put on the amp, after listening to this. A very special guitar




This is a taster. Proper video features of each to follow