1. Bradley Gavel

    The Family (so far)

    I like Singlecuts alright, it's a disease, you're not perfect either :D (and a random Mexican black Strat haha)
  2. M

    McCarty S2 fire burst red singlecut

    Hello, hope everyone is doing well. I have a question, i'm interested in buying a PRS s2 mccarty singlecut in the colour fire burst red. But no PRS dealer near me (I live in Belgium) has this guitar in stock. So i'll have to order it or buy online. But I can't find any photo's of the actual...
  3. Going Modal

    Taller bridge-pickup mounting ring for Stripped 58?

    Hey, all-- I've got a Stripped 58 with 57/08 pickups that's pretty nice all-around (it's also previously owned by another member here, too!). However, in order for the pickups to be properly height-adjusted and balanced, the bridge pickup seems to be sticking up relatively high out of its...
  4. BabyDracula

    Wiring Diagram Question

    Excuse my questions I'm a PRS newbie and guitar novice I recently bought a 2nd hand PRS S2 Singlecut and it needs to be re-wired (having weird issues where they guitar stops working if tilted. Checked connection on pots and switch, seem fine -maybe someone has tips) - I'm trying to return to...
  5. E

    SC245 57/08 or SC245 Artist (also with 57/08's)

    Hi All Really after some advice here.. Looking to purchase my first PRS. Due to lockdown here in the UK I am unable to try either instrument but have narrowed down my choices to the above guitars. I typically play classic rock/80's metal and am a massive VH fan (as my username suggests)...
  6. Gaige Nale

    Putting McCarty pickups in a Singlecut Se 245

    I bought some gold covered McCarty pickups that are secondhand online. Planning to swap out the standard zebra ones (2019) and install the McCartys. It's my first time doing an upgrade like this and I will have some help but wanted to make sure there is no issue with putting these pickups in...
  7. Utkarsh

    Blindfold challenge with my 594, Akerfeldt & Singlecut with a bit of a shock

    So folks, here's my weekly video, which you might come to expect by now. This one is of a different nature, one which genuinely ended up shocking me. Me and my bandmate compared my 9 Singlecut guitars (3 PRSs but others too). And my god, it was so difficult. I'm left genuinely wondering how...
  8. Utkarsh

    Reviewing my 594 after 3 years of ownership

    Some of you may have seen my Burnt Maple Leaf 594 Singlecut on and off over the last 3 years. As the 2020 update is just around the corner, this is perhaps an appropriate time to do a proper review of the 'old' 594, the guitar that my wife gifted to me on my birthday in 2017 and has become my #1...
  9. Mr70ss

    New year, NGD... 2002 Singlecut Naural, 10 top, Dots

    Well about a month ago I picked up my first core, and 2000 single cut in black burst. I've been digging the wide fat neck so much I've been gassing for another, and well I found one. Some of you may have seen it listed on reverb. It sat on reverb for 9 months and was out of my price range...
  10. Mr70ss

    NGD Finally got my first core... 2000 singlecut, 10 top, birds, Black Sunburst

    Well It finally happened I now own a core. funny story but I actually learned my first riff on a custom 22 back in '92 when I was in high school. I happen to have a buddy whos father was a player and had a very nice collection, and was nice enough to let us kids play them. Shortly after...
  11. shimmilou

    NGD - 2019 S2 Singlecut - Whale Blue

    Been waiting for this one for a few months. I really like these #7 pups, very bright and articulate, and seem like low or maybe medium output pups, very expressive and touch sensitive. The bridge in particular is clear and bright without being harsh, with a crispy/chewy driven tone, that is easy...
  12. Utkarsh

    PRS Journey part 2: 2017 SC594 Wood Library in Burnt Maple Leaf

    As promised folks, this is part 2. This guitar is a special one. One of the early-ish Single cut 594s from early 2017. Gifted to me on my birthday by my wife (who also got it for me from the UK). The colour and the top is what really drew me in, as it reminded me of how the surface of Jupiter...
  13. matonanjin

    Singlecut vs. Doublecut? What's the difference?

    Besides the obvious I mean. There is the appearance, of course! But what's the real difference? Is there any besides just personal preference of that appearance? Some of the discussion I have seen centers around access to the upper frets. That the doublecut is made to provide better access...
  14. A

    Is this a fake singlecut SE? Need help!

    Hey everyone! 1st of all, I don't want this to come across as spam, I just didn't know where else to turn to at the moment. I really need some help identifying a possible fake before I actually do business with this person. Anyway, I contacted this person if they'd be interested in trading...
  15. Utkarsh

    DGT Opinion needed: sell /trade or swap bridge pickup?

    Hi folks I have a 2018 core DGT in purple. Neck feels great, frets feel great, the neck pickup sounds beautiful and it plays like a dream.But I just can't get along with the bridge pickup as it's too trebly for my taste and doesn't suit palm muting and high gain. I'm not a metal player per se...
  16. Utkarsh

    594 vs. Tremonti. Thoughts?

    So I'm a long term Les Paul and then 594 player who recently fell in love with a Artist Pack Tremonti I acquired recently. So these are my thoughts..articulated in more detail in my video below. Different strokes for different folks 594: high quality, high definition 'vintage' Les Paul Tremonti...
  17. timmypix

    NGD! 2007 Singlecut Satin

    I first saw this on Facebook three weeks ago, as someone in Leeds was shifting it on at a very tempting price for a quick sale. I stared at it all evening, but there was no way I could get over to Leeds to pick it up, and watched it go the very next day. Then here I am browsing the forum and...
  18. Ovibos

    Tremonti S pickups - Where's the bare?

    Finally getting around to installing these, but I'm confused as if expect there to be a bare wire for grounding. There's a metal sleeve in there, but peeling it back I don't see a bare. However, the black wire seems to be exposed to the sleeve? What am I missing? Do I need to strip back the...
  19. Callan

    Sc245 control layout change?

    I finally took delivery yesterday of a new to me SC245 and has a quick play last night. I struggled a bit finding the right controls because of the way they are layed out - mostly the bridge volume I like to play with I'm sure I could get used to it quickly, but I'm tempted to change the layout...
  20. bigcohoona

    S2 Singlecut - Bigsby?

    Good afternoon everyone! Quick question. Is it possible to retrofit a stock S2 Singlecut SC250 with a Bigsby? Have always loved the sound of Bigsby's and though I love my hardtail, I thought perhaps it would be a fun project. Thanks for the help! ~C