NGD: The Singlecut Trem madness continues. Custom Jade and White content

So folks, as you know, I am consolidating my guitar collection and Singlecut trems are one of the destination guitars that are staying.
Well, December was the month of Singlecut Trem madness, and along with theo nesI have already shared with you, there are 3 more. They are on their way and one arrived today.

This is perhaps the most unique. Found in one of my favourite shops in Japan, this is a 2013 Singlecut Trem with some fun appointments. It has 59/09s and phase 3 locking tuners which makes it deliciously modern PRS compared to most of the Singlecut trems which are from the mid 2000s. On top of that, this has a top which would not be out of place today on some Private Stocks. Finished in Jade, I get vibes of my ME1's top (though that's in Charcoal) as well as my Brushstroke 24 which has a very similar colour and top. However the madness doesn't end there because look up and look back, and what you see is jet white. The contrast of jade and white is not something I have seen before, something I have ever thought of, but it just works. This is one of the guitars I bought based on pure visuals.

Some poor, non professionally shot pics. I'll take better pics soon enough.






Haven't played it much yet but initial impressions are solid. Neck is pattern so fills the hand nicely and overcomes my biggest gripe with Tremontis (thin necks). Body is ergonomic and well weighted. Not quite as light as my semi hollow Private Stock Singlecut Trem (which also has a white back in case you noticed though that one is stained). Sound wise, its definitely the classic mahogany neck rosewood combination which you can't go wrong with and is as traditional as it gets. The one thing I have noticed is that this thing prefers riffing.

I would love to know in case anyone has any knowledge about this run. Was their a special run of Singlecut Trems in 2013 or something, as more Singlecut Trems I see are pre 2010s.

More to come
That is beautiful.