NGD: Tremonti Trem in Purple Iris

I would describe the changes in my CU22 and DC 594 along the same lines as you have when I changed them to have 57/08 pickups. I like them much better than what was in them stock. As a side note, it is pretty easy to make the covers on the pickups brushed and it is easy to change the screws to gold. John Mann sells the screws. It would have been much easier to brush the pickups before they were installed.

Thanks for the additional report!

I canceled the 8515 order. I also ordered multiple sets of screws from John Mann just now, thanks for the heads-up on that!

I had a 5909 bridge pickup already, I also ordered a 5909 neck. I loved 5909's back in the day, since I have 5708s already in the Tremonti, I will try 5909's first in the Custom 24, and see how I like those in that guitar.