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Apr 27, 2012
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Yes, I am on a roll rebuilding the collection! :) But I am going to try to chill now, I think I have the diversity I wanted, at least to get going on this new chapter of my journey. (Famous last words - I believe I have said that many times before, completely in vain.)

This one has come from a very interesting process for me. After getting going with a great variety of four 25 inch PRS guitars, I decided I wanted to dip my toe in the water again with a 594 of some sort. That ended up being a little more difficult than expected, but I was happy with the result and learned/confirmed some things along the way.

In wanting to try a 594 again, I was torn between Doublecut and Singlecut 594's, as always. I had loved the Doublecuts basically as a 594 version of my love for the 25 inch McCarty model, the compactness of it and the great ergonomics. But also when I had several DC 594s back in 2016 and the Singlecut 594 came out, I became smitten with those and went more so that route. When I went again with the 594's in 2020, I had and liked both a lot, but had a slight preference for the Singlecuts.

I had a tough time selecting a 594 in Singlecut or Doublecut, based on finish, top and weight - online. I ended up ordering a Doublecut, and received it Thursday. Visually, it was stunning, I gasped when I open the case. With regard to feel and tone, it was not for me, which was a disappointment. It was good - but "this time around" I am trying to focus on stellar feel and tone, and not as much about how pretty it looks hanging on the wall. My criteria for feel and tone is that it must be "awesome" and blow my mind, or I have to return it. I have been really lucky so far here in December 2023 and in 2024, with great examples from a feel and tone perspective - the Custom 24 PS that I played in person at CME and was blown away by, the McCarty and the Tremonti Trem that Eric at Willcutt Guitars hand selected for me from multiple examples (he is always great for me at that!), and the Custom 24 TCI. With a heavy heart, I returned the DC 594 that looked incredible, but was not a fit with respect to feel and tone.

So then I decided I needed to play some 594's in person, so I headed down to CME again yesterday and spent a few hours playing many guitars. I even brought my Custom 24 PS for a reference guitar to make sure the bar was set high for comparison. I played several Core and Private Stock 594's, both Singlecut and Doublecut, and a few other models.

There was a Core DC 594 that was really good, it was on the short list for a while. There was a Private Stock DC 594 that was also really good. But when I got to the SC 594's, there was one that crushed both of the DC's. It was "bigger" sounding and punchier, and still had a terrific clarity, better clarity than the 2 DC's, with the test of all of the riffs and parts of songs I use to test that sort of thing when testing a guitar. As with last time David A at CME helped me in the room to A/B all of the guitars relative to the Custom 24 Private Stock. He agreed that the SC 594 was the pick of the litter, for what I was playing and what I was looking for.

The finish and top really isn't my thing, but again I have to stay true to my new criteria. I don't generally buy Black guitars for the same reason I don't buy Black cars - they show every little smudge! That said, I do like Purple Guitars, and this one does have a cool vibe. Kind of mean and Gothic. I don't love how the bottom of the top becomes mostly Black visually, but you don't really see that when you are playing it. I do like it visually though, it is cool, and I think it looks better in real life than in pictures.

The feel of it is amazing, and the tone is killer. I have to make myself prioritize those things first and foremost! With the Custom 24 PS and this one, I feel like I didn't chose the guitars, they chose me. Which is cool.

Tonally the best two SC 594's I owned previously were first and foremost the SC 594 Prototype Private Stock I acquired in 2016, which was likely one of the very first SC 594's made. Several of the Chicago guys here have played that and many have said that was the best sounding Singlecut PRS they have heard. (Foolishly, I sold that in 2020.) A close second was a 2020 Prototype (when they went to the Nitro Core finish) that I bought from CME. This one is at least as good as that 2020 Prototype, if not a little better, re feel and tone. (I do like the looks and vibe of the 2020 Prototype better, more Vintage.)

So here it is:









Other thoughts from the 594 experience again, and from the CME trip:

It was very interesting playing several 594's again, the DC 594 and the many DC and SC 594's at CME. The 594 scale felt like home to me, it was amazing to reconnect with it! When I first experienced it again with the DC 594 I got in, I must admit, I got a little teary-eyed.

I was worried about reconnecting too much with it, at the expense of not loving the 25 inch scale as much, which would be a problem, since the rest of the collection is 25 inch. Not the case, thankfully, I am still very much digging going back and forth between the two, and can do so easily. Whew!

At CME I also played a Private Stock DGT. I confirmed yet again that DGTs are NOT for me! LOL. The narrower Nut Width and resulting string spacing completely throws me off, as do the gigantic frets. Great tones, though!

I also played a Private Stock Santana. Great guitar! I could definitely feel that subtle difference the 594 scale and the 245 scale, very much so. I would not want to try to go back and forth between the two scale lengths. Playing that Santana really reaffirmed for me the excitement about the 2024 Santana's being 594-scaled, and with a 10" radius. I am definitely looking forward to checking one of those out when they start showing up. In fact, I am more excited about the notion of a 594-scaled Santana being a complement to the SC 594 than the notion of getting a DC 594 (been there and done that?), much like a Custom 24 is to a 25 inch McCarty - as I mentioned on the 2024 Santana threads.

Next up in my focus is Amps - maybe one more tube amp, and a Kemper (again)...
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Another beautiful axe! I do appreciate how much effort you are putting into finding the right ones for you.

I ordered my first core recently, and it was a wood library to boot. I couldn't find what I was really looking for in person here in the Denver area. I have an SE that was completely refitted with top quality hardware and electronics and the best set up I've ever had the pleasure of playing. This made me worried that I wasn't going to love the guitar I just paid $6k for. I got lucky in that this wood library still plays better, sounds amazing and of course, looks amazing. I thought that maybe I had set my expectations too high and was going to be disappointed. Very happy that turned out to not be the case, but if I decide to pick up another, I think I will be taking a page from your book and comparing guitars in person with the one I already love to make sure it's the right guitar.
SWEET !!! Love the Purple !!!
The only sale length I don't have is a 594.
I also never thought a would find a Santana I would love but the Retro I just got is great.
Still happier on longer scale guitars 25 and above tho :)
SWEET !!! Love the Purple !!!
The only sale length I don't have is a 594.
I also never thought a would find a Santana I would love but the Retro I just got is great.
Still happier on longer scale guitars 25 and above tho :)

Yeah, I think I am much more sensitive to Scale Length than most people are.

In playing a bunch more over the weekend, I am finding that I am really glad I added a 594 to the collection, and I am glad it is a Singlecut. After all the adventures with the 594's in two phases of them, at the end of the day the Singlecut was my preference. I am reminded of that now.

Also the 25 inch scale still seems to be my preference, but with the fun of going to the 594 scale when I want to, and enjoying that to mix it up with regards to both feel and and subtle differences of tone.

With that - I have zero GAS to add a Doublecut 594 to the collection. For me, the 594 should be a Singlecut, and my Doublecut version to complement is not a DC 594 - it is my beloved 25 inch McCarty. If I could have just 3 guitars, it would be a Singlecut 594, a McCarty and a Custom 24. (But thankfully, I can have more than 3!)

While I don't have any GAS for a Doublecut 594, the new 594 Santana is a completely different story! ;)
I agree that sound and feel are most important, glad you found another that speaks to you. That said, I think that's another beautiful specimen you've got there! The thicker stripes in the flame show the contrast well, and I'm a big fan of the natural binding look, much prefer it over the wrap coloring. And the gold/brass hardware highlights go so well with the purple - Prince would approve!
Yes, I am on a roll rebuilding the collection! :) But I am going to try to chill now.

Alright now, you’re not going to stop taking us to the Wishing Well just yet My Brother (Jake).

(If that isn’t Paul Rodgers on the wall then this trip down Punny Lane was all in vain)

Of an Mmmmm Purple ☔️ love it. Congratulations.
I like that purple. I only have one purple PRS. It is my SC HBII. I originally walked away from it in the shop where I found it. This shop was over an hour drive away from where I live. I had a friend of mine with me when I found it. I had them pull it down and I went into a demo room to play it. They had the ability to hook the piezo up to a small PA in there. I hadn't had the chance to play one of these before. I really liked the sound and feel of it but didn't know if I could live with the color. It is Purple Hazel. I walked out without it. I couldn't get that guitar out of my mind all that night. I called my friend first thing in the morning and told him I was going back and wanted to see if he wanted me to pick him up on the way. My thought was that I was going to walk in the door and take one look at it and make my decision on the color on the spot. When I looked at it, the color was not what I remembered from the day before and I liked it the second day so I bought it. I have played a number of gigs with that guitar.

As a side note, when I started negotiating the price of the guitar the guy I was talking to wen to get his manager to try to get the price down a bit more. While I was talking to the guy I kept thinking he really looked familiar. This took place in a town in South Florida. Right in the middle of discussing price I stopped and told him that I can't get over this feeling that I knew him. He said he was thinking the same thing. After a little discussion of where we both used to live, he worked in the mom and pop shop in NW Ohio that I used to buy a lot of gear from. I bought a guitar from him in that shop many years before this. I think my deal got a little better after we figured that out. :) He worked in a couple of shops down here and ended up managing one about an hour the opposite direction from my house. He then moved back to the area on Ohio where he used to live and opened a shop with his family up there and from what I have been able to tell is doing well. This guitar will have that memory attached to it for me forever...
Alright now, you’re not going to stop taking us to the Wishing Well just yet My Brother (Jake).

(If that isn’t Paul Rodgers on the wall then this trip down Punny Lane was all in vain)

Of an Mmmmm Purple ☔️ love it. Congratulations.

Ha-ha! That is indeed Paul Rodgers in the pic on the wall behind the guitar, good eye. That is my wife and I in a picture with Paul, Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke at a Bad Company concert in 2013.


(I have a lot more grey hair now, and a longer grey beard - LOL!)

It was an amazing night - and it was one of many times when Howard Leese was an incredibly gracious host and guitar friend. We had VIP passes for a picture with the band prior to the show, and then backstage afterwards. (The pics were with the original 3 Bad Company members, that is why Howard was not in the picture.) Howard waited in line with my wife and I while waiting to take the picture before the concert, chatting about guitar and touring stuff. When it was our turn to take the picture, Howard introduced me to them as his guitar friend, and said - "remember that Beach Cross Fade PRS Guitar I played on the Jay Leno show last year? Pete traded that one to me."

Here is that guitar (a DC 245, or course!), I traded several with Howard, and it was great fun to see him gig those over the years.


During the show, we were in the front row. Howard and Mick came over to us several times and played some dueling solos for us right in front of us, which was awesome.


We went backstage after the show. Howard had already gone to the hotel, but we got to spend some time with Simon, who was a great guy, and also thanked Paul for a great show. Simon gave my wife his drumsticks from the night.

I dug Bad Company growing up, but Free is one of my favorite Classic Rock bands in the context of playing guitar (Paul Kossoff - one of the best ever!), and Paul is my all time favorite Classic Rock singer. It was an honor to chat with Paul, Simon and Mick, and that introduction from Howard as his guitar friend really made it a special thing. Howard rocks!

My wife to this day still says that was the best concert experience she has ever had, by a longshot!