1. Canadian_PRS

    Mods to Custom 22 questions.

    Hi all, Just curious if anyone has tried the Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega set in a Custom 22 (as opposed to the usual 24)? I’m considering the swap but wanted to know people’s experiences first. Original pickups are 58/15TM Also, I wanted to change the pickup rings to black. I have looked...
  2. Utkarsh


    I believe the scientific terminology is ‘ Baby did a bad bad thing’ You know the guitars I have and what I like. Please tell me how I could resist
  3. Utkarsh

    NGD: The Singlecut Trem madness continues. Custom Jade and White content

    So folks, as you know, I am consolidating my guitar collection and Singlecut trems are one of the destination guitars that are staying. Well, December was the month of Singlecut Trem madness, and along with theo nesI have already shared with you, there are 3 more. They are on their way and one...
  4. stankbank

    Trem claw/screws slanted?

    On my S2 CE24, I noticed the bass string side was up higher than the treble strings. The treble side I sitting at about 1/16 or 4/64ths off the body. The bass side was about 6/64th. To balance them out (pull the bass side down), I adjusted the trem springs in the back, however, it results in...
  5. Utkarsh

    New Guitar Day: Private Stock 7 String Singlecut Tremolo in Smoked Dark Purple Glow

    Well folks following the incoming thread, it arrived a day early. Now isn't that a nice surprise? What's there to say? Well, to begin with, this is my absolute dream guitar. A year after I started playing seven string (after 15 years of six) and fell in love with it, I knew it (7 String) was...
  6. jaygoast

    trem bar bridge issue

    Hi everyone, I'm new here I a s2 standard 22 and for the life of me i can not get the the trem bar inserted all the way in. there is no blockage and i have tried 3 different prs trem bars. se s2 and core and none of them will go in. i have completely removed the lock screw
  7. cjlloyd


    Thought I would share with you what I’ve been up to this weekend as I made a few upgrades to my CE. I bought the SE bridge upgrade kit from John Mann which comprises a brass block, new springs, and higher quality saddles and mounting screws. I have to say everything is beautifully machined and...
  8. R

    Drop tuning?

    Hi everyone, just got my first PRS after dreaming about one for 15 years. It’s a CE-24. I’m curious if dropping the low E string to A# for a song here and there (all other strings in standard E flat tuning) could do any damage to the neck or tremolo system long term? Don’t know much about...
  9. S

    Silver Sky Trem Issue

    Hey Everyone, Got a Silver Sky and the bridged is decked (factory setup). When I use the tremolo a bit, I noticed the G and B strings do not go back in tune - they go sharp actually. Is this a problem with the bridge being decked? Do I need to make it a floating trem setup to use it? Or...
  10. J

    Prs se 24 standard tremolo springs

    So recently I noticed that my prs se 24 standard only has 3 springs instead of 4(or 5) . So my question is which springs fit in for my prs se 24 standard,because I need them due to the fact that my guitar bridge is very high know(cause it only has 3 springs in it)
  11. J

    Prs se Standard 24 springs.

    So recently I bought my new Prs se Standard 24. And everything was fine until I changed the strings to a heavier gauge and suddenly the bride was standing up high. So I put off the backplate and thigtend up the screw but it didn't help. Then I found out that the guitar comes with 4 springs(it's...
  12. guitargray

    change strings se cu24 9s to 10s

    Hi all i want to change from 9 guage to regular 10 guage strings. i guess the nut may need a little file. will i have to adjust the trem.(it frightens me) i usualy lock down my strat trem but this one seems to work and i dont want to mess it up.. any help or advice greatfully taken onboard...
  13. danktat

    Trem system from 2007

    I have had several PRS guitars over the years and tend to stick to the stop bar tail piece. I have only had one that had the trem and it was blocked, pretty much from the beginning, so I really have NO experience with PRS trem systems. I know that over the years there have been some tweaks to it...
  14. Blake Rice

    Proof of Concept: The Vela Trem

    Hey everybody! Thought I'd share my pet project PRS that I've labored on for almost 2 years to get it where it is today. This is my ideal version of the PRS Vela Trem idea talked about by so many. After cutting a new pickguard, swapping pickups, and rewiring the entire guitar, it was time to...
  15. I

    Tightening up trem arm on new Custom 24-08?

    Hi all, New PRS owner here, with a 2017 Wood Library Custom 24-08. Absolutely delighted with it but one minor irritation: the tremolo arm doesn't sit where I want it to. Is there a method for tightening it? I'd like it to sit at an angle, diagonal to the body. Any advice welcome. Thanks!