NGD: 2007 Singlecut Trem

Nice SCT!

Sometimes the weirdest tops are the best!

That grain pattern is amazeballs!
I've been watching for one of these for a while now; I'd bought my Santana SE Singlecut back in 2022 partly as a stop-gap when I hadn't been able to find a core SC Trem to my liking for a couple years (and partly because it was just so darned cheap for such a cool guitar), but a few weeks back patient shopping paid off and I finally lucked into a lovely Singlecut Trem in Tortoise Shell finish with maple binding and a tobacco back. My wife and I were heading south for a few weeks right after I picked it up, so I dropped the guitar off with my tech for new pickups and wiring and got it back on our return today.

The guitar was all original and in excellent condition, and came with all the original case candy except the hang tag (rats)... 7 lbs. 13 oz. on the postal scale so a little heavier than I tend to gravitate towards, but still pretty light for a singlecut.

Here it is with my Santana SE Singlecut:

It's not a 10 top, but looks pretty nice to me with its tight, pinstripe flame:

And the Abalone bird inlays are some of the nicest old-school production birds I've seen:

I know from bitter experience that I don't get along with #6 pickups, so I had a set of 57/08s put in. I also added lampshade knobs and a Gilmour trem arm because, I mean, who wouldn't?

Over all, I'm very pleased. I haven't played it much yet, but the pickup upgrade was well worth it, and the guitar plays flawlessly. I love the old Wide Fat neck carve, and the trem is smooth and accurate. This one was well worth the wait.
Just gorgeous!