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  1. Utkarsh

    Collection Chronicles #8 The 'Boo-berry burst' Private Stock 7 String

    The collection video is a bit early this week. Featured today is a guitar I got about a year back but originally conceived by the wild minds in Ishibashi music , Tokyo back in 2018/ Custom colour, custom purple case (the only PRS purple case I have ever seen) and a burl top that makes one think...
  2. C

    Canadian dealers?

    I did a search to see if this issue had been discussed previously and didn't see anything within the last couple years. I've been looking on-line at 10-tops, wood library and private stock to see if I could identify a Canadian dealer with decent stock OR at least one that would be doing wood...
  3. N

    PRS Private Stock Custom Form/Menu

    I am finding it difficult to find the right spec PRS Custom 24, and am considering a Private Stock Build to Order PRS. I found a PS form online, but I didn't see a menu of options to select. I just ordered a Jackson Rhoads Custom Shop and Martin Custom Shop 000-18 Ambertone and they had a nice...
  4. HoovHead

    NGD (belated) --> Private Stock #9433 <-- NGD

    NGD (belated) —> Private Stock #9433 Hollowbody II Piezo Figured White Ash <— NGD I recently made the decision to buy a Private Stock to use as my main instrument. I have bought and sold a few PRS guitars over the years, and from that experience I have learned which features and design aspects I...
  5. MrSuperstar

    NGD: PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 Hollowbody II

    It's with great pleasure that I show you the beast that has just arrived in my house in Italy: PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 Hollowbody II. The customizations on this instrument are the following (in brackets the features that a "basic" Core guitar would have had): Top and back of the body...
  6. Julian

    Favorite Top Figuring

    Hey all, I was wondering what camp you guys landed in for favorite guitar top figurings. Like hypothetically, if you could only have one spec’ed out private stock PRS, what top would you use? I love my quilt tops, but obviously flamed maple looks great as well as non maple tonewoods. What’s...
  7. MuffinForce1

    Are Narrowfield pickups bad? Same question with rotary switches.

    Hey! So I’m back again, and if you commented on my last post, I thank you very much for all of your kind words and advice. However, I come to you again but on advice for the guitar. I definitely want 3 pickups over the standard 2, but is there something wrong with a narrow field middle pickup...
  8. Utkarsh

    My accidental Scale Length experiment with a twist ending

    So a few weeks ago, as some of you who follow the forum know, I purchased a Private Stock 7 String. I have been wanting one for a while, one of the reasons (apart from I love 6 string PRS's) is the scale length (26.5 inch) which I think is the best for 7 strings. So it arrived and I immediately...
  9. John Beef

    '96 baritone PS oddball on Reverb

    Whoa, I was just looking at baritones on Reverb and ran across this:
  10. Utkarsh

    The evolution of the Custom 24

    Happy Friday everyone. So I did do a lot of trading recently and as I was mentally scouring my collection, I realized that one form of guitar had taken over as the dominant type over another that had defined me since I first picked up electric. Indeed my collection now had less Les Paul and Les...
  11. MuffinForce1

    Are cocobolo necks any good?

    I’ve got a PRS Custom 24 SE currently and looking at ordering a PS, as none of my other guitar seem to play quite like my PRS, and I’m just looking at wood options and wondering. Are the Cocobolo necks any good? I absolutely love the way they look, but I’m not sure on how bad pricing is and if...
  12. Utkarsh

    Ponderings on expensive guitars

    So today I was thinking about cryptocurrency (as most of us cannot avoid doing), looking at all the new bazillionaires, and wondering what would have been, if I had put all the money that I put into guitars, into this latest Tulip craze. I will not lie. I did feel a pang of regret. But it also...
  13. Utkarsh

    The question no one asked

    Just how much bigger is a PRS Custom 24 8 string vs. a regular Custom 24? Well, if you didn't know, now you do It's quite funny how the regular guitar looks so petite here. But the shape DNA is clear to see from the shape to the control layout. I also find the 4 a side headstock very satisfying.
  14. Utkarsh

    NGD: Private Stock 8 String in Doublestain Grey

    For those of you who saw the 7 String post, this is part 2 of the same purchase. On the 31st of December, I placed an order for two new old PRS Private Stock's that I had been eyeing for 4 years from Ishibashi music, Japan. The conversion rate of the Japanese yen and the dealer's willingness to...
  15. Utkarsh

    NGD: Finally got a 7 String PS 'Holcomb' Custom 24

    Alrighty folks, as promised, here is the second of the NGDs. This was ordered on 31st December so it didn't break my no guitar purchase 365 day promise, unlike the other Stealth Holcomb. Now all of us on the forum are familiar with the fine art of online guitar watching. We spot a guitar we...
  16. Patrick Montgomery

    Private stock build - color identification

    Hey guys, I am putting together a private stock build and really want this kind of burl in this exact color. I haven’t been able to find this guitar listed anywhere to look up the color but it looks like some kind of glow. Do you guys have any ideas on what this color is called or where this...
  17. Utkarsh

    Unexpected NGD: 2011 PS Signature Limited, 2013 Paul's guitar

    So folks it's been a long day so don't mind me if I doze off in the middle of this. As you know , I got a Modern Eagle V not too long ago, which as you can imagine has sent me down a rabbit hole of guitars with 408 pickups (Paul's , 408s, Signature Limited etc). There had been two guitars that...
  18. Utkarsh

    More PRS Spotting

    Six more from the second episode of the series, in terms of PRS's that have caught my attention and GAS this week. This week, I have expanded beyond Private Stocks to all PRS's. I have highlighted an S2 (possibly the most beautiful S2 I have ever seen) I have been eyeing for a while, as well as...
  19. Utkarsh

    Private stock NGD: March of the Night King. Is this the one to rule them all?

    So folks I teased about this in a previous thread. But last Friday morning, I did a very silly thing. To be clear I was primed for the moment. I had not bought a guitar for many many months ( Had just bought and renovated a house).I had a long and hard earned bonus coming in. I was planning to...
  20. Utkarsh

    My thoughts on 6 Beautiful Private Stocks

    Folks I am embarking on a new concept here, encouraged by a friend of mine when I was waxing lyrical about a couple of guitars to him (My 594 being one and the other a Stealth SVN SE limited run). It's a continuation in my experiments in the visual realm and essentially a series where I run...