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  1. A

    I'm having some issues installing parts on 2003 Private Stock Singlecut. Help!

    Hello everyone! I recently acquired a 2003 Private Stock Singlecut. It's a beautiful guitar. I wanted to install 2 things when I got it. First one being PRS Phase III locking tuners instead of the current PRS vintage non-locking. Second being a fully adjustable stoptail bridge instead of the non...
  2. I

    Private Stock certificate question

    When did Private Stock certificates get introduced? Were they always a thing?
  3. Utkarsh

    Detailed video time: That PS SC245 with One piece quilt and cocobolo goodness

    You may have seen the NGD a few weeks ago. This guitar is of course no stranger to this forum, having been owned previously by MAPete. And so it was a likely candidate for a proper video. Some thoughts - I really wish there were more cocobolo necks around. I think I prefer it to Braz rosewood...
  4. Utkarsh

    My 513 PS undergoes the video treatment. Also an invitation for KILLER quilts

    So folks, after the Signature Limited, it's time for one of my 5 513s (that was a tongue twister) to go through the same treatment. I think folks here are aware that I have a target to cut down 40 guitars (from 80 to 40), so it was inevitable one of the 513s go up, and as I explain in the video...
  5. thewesdavis

    Private Stock peeps...

    I know this is always the place to come for encouragement lol. But besides "do it!" from the masses, I am looking for feedback specifically from Private Stock owners: Is it worth it? Is the build quality truly so extremely high that the cost is warranted? I'm looking for something fairly unique...
  6. Utkarsh

    Triple Singlecut New Guitar Day. Private Stock and Soapbar content

    So folks, the last three months of guitar adventures have been crazy. I have been buying and selling guitars with a speed I did not expect. And over the Christmas break, emboldened by the ability to move gear, I did some er Christmas shopping. Well, it's more of a realisation that my long...
  7. Utkarsh

    My Franken’ Les Paul Private Stock Build

    Some of you are familiar with my first Private Stock build. I was revisiting the guitar recently and realised how it was a pretty much a Frankenstein’s monster of a Les Paul The original starting point was to create my dream Les Paul, but it pretty much evolved into something else all together...
  8. Utkarsh

    Trying out a new format. Custom 24 Stoptail 7 String Content. Also Burl. Also Hormigo. And oh Snakewood!

    As part of my experiments with the video medium, which have been making my sabbatical quite fun, I'm trying out a new style I sold a couple of guitars recently and the folks who bought them were familiar with the youtube channel, and of course I gave them a tour of the collection, unboxing...
  9. Utkarsh

    New Guitar Day: Private Stock 7 String Singlecut Tremolo in Smoked Dark Purple Glow

    Well folks following the incoming thread, it arrived a day early. Now isn't that a nice surprise? What's there to say? Well, to begin with, this is my absolute dream guitar. A year after I started playing seven string (after 15 years of six) and fell in love with it, I knew it (7 String) was...
  10. Utkarsh

    Incoming. The Epic guitar of my dreams. After almost 30 months of waiting

    A little ironic to post this right after my 'investment' video, since this is not an investment at all. Or maybe it could be ;) ;) No, in all seriousness, I specced it out around April May 2021 after a lot of trepidation and going back and forth on many spec choices. The initial estimate was...
  11. c340

    Private Stock Build Idea - Feedback/Suggestions?

    Hi! Looking for feedback on a guitar I want built. The reason is, I want less guitars and I want one guitar with features that do not come on any single guitar I know of. I am talking with a big signature dealer about it, and what follows is essentially the email I sent to them. I have never...
  12. c340

    Private Stock Build Idea - Feedback?

    delete pls
  13. JF311

    How long does it take for PRS to review/approve a Private Stock Order once a dealer submits one?

    Like a month or a few weeks? Anyone have any experience on time frames?
  14. JF311

    How up to date are the cases options listed on the Private Stock page?

    I have been told that the PRS website is and can get fairly outdated, what is shown may not be available. I would think with the cost of a build, the page would be accurate. I am wanting to get the Paisley Black with the blue interior. The ordering form lacks pictures and a detailed...
  15. JF311

    Tim Mahoney Private Stock build

    I am about to start the process (with my PRS dealer) to build and order a private stock Tim Mahoney stop tail 24 model. This will be mostly based off of the New Blue that PRS made for him when his SE line came out. I have owned the SE version for years and love it. The SE has a Wide Thin...
  16. Utkarsh

    Collection Chronicles #8 The 'Boo-berry burst' Private Stock 7 String

    The collection video is a bit early this week. Featured today is a guitar I got about a year back but originally conceived by the wild minds in Ishibashi music , Tokyo back in 2018/ Custom colour, custom purple case (the only PRS purple case I have ever seen) and a burl top that makes one think...
  17. C

    Canadian dealers?

    I did a search to see if this issue had been discussed previously and didn't see anything within the last couple years. I've been looking on-line at 10-tops, wood library and private stock to see if I could identify a Canadian dealer with decent stock OR at least one that would be doing wood...
  18. N

    PRS Private Stock Custom Form/Menu

    I am finding it difficult to find the right spec PRS Custom 24, and am considering a Private Stock Build to Order PRS. I found a PS form online, but I didn't see a menu of options to select. I just ordered a Jackson Rhoads Custom Shop and Martin Custom Shop 000-18 Ambertone and they had a nice...
  19. HoovHead

    NGD (belated) --> Private Stock #9433 <-- NGD

    NGD (belated) —> Private Stock #9433 Hollowbody II Piezo Figured White Ash <— NGD I recently made the decision to buy a Private Stock to use as my main instrument. I have bought and sold a few PRS guitars over the years, and from that experience I have learned which features and design aspects I...
  20. MrSuperstar

    NGD: PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 Hollowbody II

    It's with great pleasure that I show you the beast that has just arrived in my house in Italy: PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 Hollowbody II. The customizations on this instrument are the following (in brackets the features that a "basic" Core guitar would have had): Top and back of the body...