My 513 PS undergoes the video treatment. Also an invitation for KILLER quilts


Ministry of guitar
Apr 13, 2017
So folks, after the Signature Limited, it's time for one of my 5 513s (that was a tongue twister) to go through the same treatment.
I think folks here are aware that I have a target to cut down 40 guitars (from 80 to 40), so it was inevitable one of the 513s go up, and as I explain in the video, its purely a question of Braz Rosewood being impossible to get in and out, so there would be little point selling the 513 rosewoods.

I am prioritising the guitars I am planning to sell for these comprehensive videos first, because I should archive them properly while I have them. In case you are waiting for a particular video ( I know some of you may be waiting for the satins, and perhaps my 594 Trem, just bear with me)

Two curiosities about this particular 513

1) that top. Yes , that top. I do find it the best in the collection and the best I have ever seen. This is an open invitation for monster quilt season, so I can proven well wrong
2) I keep it tuned in B standard, and the smidge larger scale length, super stable neck and choice of woods (on this one. Maple, swamp ash, ebony) make it perfectly suited. The demo track is entirely in that tuning so I think you can get a sense of the possibilities. Castedosa. Who needs a Castedosa.

In any case as always, hopefully this is your mid-week fix