1. Going Modal

    Battle of those black-covered-single/double-coil pickup "###" guitars

    Just for fun today. For whatever your reasons may be... If you were to seek out a non-typical "###" PRS ("non-typical" meaning not necessarily 24 frets, maple/mahogany, and/or 2 x humbuckers), which of these three would it be? You can even vote for more than one, if you wish.
  2. Utkarsh

    My 513 PS undergoes the video treatment. Also an invitation for KILLER quilts

    So folks, after the Signature Limited, it's time for one of my 5 513s (that was a tongue twister) to go through the same treatment. I think folks here are aware that I have a target to cut down 40 guitars (from 80 to 40), so it was inevitable one of the 513s go up, and as I explain in the video...
  3. Z

    PRS 513 - Dead low E string on one pickup

    Hi everyone, I have an issue with my 2007 PRS 513. While everything is working as it should, the low E string volume on the middle pickup is very low compared to other strings on that pickup. The low E string is working as it should on other pickups positions, meaning the problem is only with...
  4. Utkarsh

    Why the 513 is irreplaceable and thoughts on Heavy Humbucker/ Tone matching in a band

    Last week, we started jamming again as a band after a long time (you know why). While I usually used my trusty SC594 in the past and the Custom 24 for a short while after that, I decided it was time to bring out the 513. I had not tried the 513 in the band all this time as my helix had been...
  5. Utkarsh

    Finally some 513 love on ‘mainstream’ Youtube

    I am so delighted that finally somebody other than me is making 513 videos ( I kid I know there are many more out there ) And Lemmo did a great job playing though sadly he didn’t do full justice to the genius of this guitar. I’ll repeat, for those interested in my opinion, the 513 (specially the...
  6. Patrick Montgomery

    My guitar family

    I’m new to the forum, but have been collecting/playing PRS guitars since 2010! This was my collection earlier this year, so it doesn’t include my newest guitar. Just thought you all might enjoy some eye candy!
  7. Perry

    Removing 513 Pickups?

    I tried searching for past posts on this so apologies if it has been covered before. My 2011 513 has what I can only describe as a very microphonic neck pickup (or pair of pickups to be exact as it is actually two single coiled pickups twinned on a PCB). I had my first post-lockdown gig...
  8. Wolfram

    Intro, NGDs and 513 pickup question

    Hello! I'm David from the UK, and I've just joined the forum, though I've been reading many of the tremendously informative and helpful posts for a few months now while I've been researching and looking to acquire a core PRS (I've owned an early SE Singlecut for many years) as I've started...
  9. Utkarsh

    Featuring my 513. the cover of an Indian rock classic

    This week, my 'new to me' 513 Private stock features in a cover of a song that meant a lot to me. It was in an anti-smoking ad I saw when I was 5 years old which deeply affected me and I never smoked as a result. However the original ad was lost for almost 30 years, till it recently appeared...
  10. Utkarsh

    NGD: 2007 PRS Private Stock 513 in Purple Mist

    So folks, this is a long post in multiple parts. I hope it makes for an interesting read and a break from the barrage of bad news that the Corona virus has barrelled into our newsfeeds. Hope it's not too self-indulgent. Here goes Part 1: Self Realization and Put 18 guitars up for sale Over the...
  11. Utkarsh

    An ode to the 513. Blind testing against some big names

    So fine folks of the PRS forum, here’s a video I have been meaning to make for a long, long time As much as I love the 594, I am a big big fan of the 513 and I genuinely think it's the best guitar most people haven’t heard of. For me, it beats all the big daddies at their own game. So I blind...
  12. Utkarsh

    Featuring my 513 and Akerfeldt amongst others. The guitar guessing game continues

    For those of you who saw the first video, thanks for the kind words and this is part 2 In case you didnt see part 1, me and my wife made a fun set of videos where she tries to guess the price of my guitars Hopefully this helps you in ticking away the moments that make up a dull day.
  13. mrcnn

    Real or fake 513?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for my first PRS guitar, and i have to confess, i'm in love with PRS 513 :) There is one instrument in my price range, but I just want to be sure that this guitar is the real deal... Can you help me with that? Body and head shape looks genuine, but serial number does...
  14. Utkarsh

    My 513 Baritone Experiment

    My Blue Matteo 2008 513 is a lovely guitar which I'll probably never sell, but due to two other 513s in the stable, I thought having all of them in the same tuning was a bit redundant. At the same time, I have recently started playing a lot more in B standard and drop A, and find the 27-28"...
  15. vami

    DGT, Santana, 513, McCarty RW - What Next?

    Hello fellow Birds & Moons, I am a rather newbie to fantastic PRS world, coming primarily from Les Paul land. Have recently acquired these aforementioned beauties and want to go for next one, I'm in splits about buying a Custom 24 especially so as I have never played owned or seriously...
  16. matonanjin

    What is a 513?

    For the bright members of this forum the title should be self evident. But exactly what is a 513? This curiosity stream started with this guitar selling on the auction with the Kinks Firebird. So it is academic at this point since the sale is over but I'm curious. It isn't in the current...
  17. P

    New 513 Owner

    Hello - about 3 weeks ago I acquired a PRS 513. (Side note: I traded my McCarty Archtop II for it which I thought was a completely equitable trade esp. since I rarely played the Archtop out and I've already dragged the 513 to a handful of gigs, but this is perhaps for another thread). I'm...
  18. TRM

    Tremolo Arm Mystery

    Hi folks, Been trying to identify and source a bit of custom hardware on the CE24 I bought earlier this year. I just purchased a 513 and would like to have the identical setup...and primarily the Arm itself. When I got the CE24 (2016) the seller indicated he upgraded to a Mann Vibrato...but I...
  19. J

    513 Pickups and quick link cable

    Hi everyone, I picked up a used 513 and the pickups were replaced, as was the quick link cable. I'd like to get it back to factory original spec and I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can buy those things. I was able to find a neck pickup (miraculously through ebay), but I need the middle...
  20. W

    PRS 513 swamp ash with unusual volume push-switch

    My recently purchased 513 swamp ash came with two custom features.... 1. graphite saddles 2. A volume knob that has a push switch that activates additional tone/pup combinations. Has anyone ever seen this before? I'm still trying to figure out what pup combinations it is activating...