Hollowbody Standard - Piezo Volume Control Issue


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Jun 17, 2022
Hi, I'm working on a borrowed guitar, hence my ignorance! I just have a question about how it's meant to work.
Everything seems to be fine when using two outputs and two amps - one volume for magnetic pickups and one for the piezo.

When plugged into just the mag/piezo output, and the mini toggle DOWN, you get just magnetics. In the middle position, things also seem to be ok, with the second volume blending in the piezo.

With the mini toggle switch in the UP position, the magnetics volume (nearest the bridge) seems to work as a master volume and the other volume doesn't appear to do much at all. Turning down the mag volume and turning up the piezo volume doesn't give me any piezo.

Is this normal?
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Doesn't sound right, the controls should mix in the middle and control mags or Piezo in the respective full up or down of the toggle switch.

Perhaps someone with a Core will chime in. I "only" have a SE HB II Piezo with no mag/piezo switch.
I managed to find the operating instructions for the LR Baggs system. The mag volume is supposed to work as a master volume in mix/mag mode. The other volume is a blend control, only noticeable when the System Selector is in middle or up positions. In piezo only mode (using two cables) the mag volume only affects the magnetics. Clever stuff.

Mix/Mag Mode
Plugging into the “Mix/Mag” output jack lets you hear both the regular magnetic pickups and the piezo system together using just one regular mono jack cord. This mode allows you to get the maximum tonal versatility from the system without worrying about special cables and amps. Please note: as guitar amps are not full range, you may not hear the full range of the piezo system if plugged into a regular electric guitar amp. In this mode the controls act as follows:
Blend Control - Balance control between magnetic and piezo pickups.
System Selector - Selects magnetic, piezo or both systems. Down for magnetic pickups only, middle for both systems and up for piezo pickup only.
Volume Control - Magnetic volume knob works as a master volume for the whole guitar.

Piezo Only Mode
In “Piezo Only” output mode, the signal from the magnetic pickups is sent to the “Mix/Mag” jack, and the piezo signal is sent to the “Piezo Only” output. Use two regular mono guitar cords to send the magnetic pickups to your favorite guitar amp and the piezo system to an acoustic guitar amp, PA system or studio mixing board. Once again, no special cables are needed, just a couple of regular guitar jack cords. In this mode, the controls work as follows:
Piezo Volume Control - Volume control for piezo system. System Selector - Same as in Mix/Mag mode.
Volume Control - Magnetic volume knob works as a master volume control for magnetics only.