Mr. Potatohead Swap Rotary and Volume on 2008 Custom 22?


New Member
Nov 2, 2023
I'm asking the PTC people who know these dimensions before I tear into this idea. Maybe you can save me a headache. I have a 2008 Custom 22 with the rotary knob that I want to keep wired stock.

But I'd like to shift the rotary to where the volume is, and put the volume where the rotary is. This would be a much more comfortable configuration for the way I play.

Judging by photos, it seems like a quick and easy Mr. Potatohead job, but I'm concerned about the cavity measurements before I crack it open.

Considering the body carve and the depth, will the rotary and volume fit into those new locations without any modification to the cavity or wiring?

The rotary looks like it's taller than the volume pot and has some extra room there in the lower bout. Not sure it will fit into the volume position.

Also, will I need to add length to the wires?

Weird question, but thanks in advance for your help.