5 way rotary

  1. WadeJack2

    Mr. Potatohead Swap Rotary and Volume on 2008 Custom 22?

    I'm asking the PTC people who know these dimensions before I tear into this idea. Maybe you can save me a headache. I have a 2008 Custom 22 with the rotary knob that I want to keep wired stock. But I'd like to shift the rotary to where the volume is, and put the volume where the rotary is...
  2. J

    Push Push tone switch on PRS standard 24

    Hi all, I recently picked up a 1998 Standard 24 with a 5 way rotary knob. I just noticed the tone knob also has a push push. Does this move the pickups out of phase? I dont think its a split coil because the 5 way rotary already does that. Any help would be greatly appeciated Thanks!