New here, and just got a Modern Eagle V


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Mar 5, 2024
Hi. Since I did a bit of reading here before buying this guitar, I thought I should introduce myself. Maybe there are others here who have similar interests.

My life and musical story: Started playing guitar badly at age 9, didn't really care about rock music 'til I heard the Clash, and then in high school told my friend who needed a bass player that I could play bass. I couldn't, of course, but got by, and played my first gig three weeks later. In college played bass and sang in a couple original bands, got to the point where we opened for some bigger alt-indie-whatever bands and played around the Southeast, got some airplay. Then moved to Atlanta and saw the rush to sign anyone who seemed vaguely grunge or alternative, so a lot of my friends and acquaintances were getting deals, while I played with someone who was signed to an independent label. But by 27 I gave it up. No one who was doing it professionally seemed happy, too many people were into heroin, and I decided I wanted to make enough money to live better so I focused instead on my career and bike racing. During these years I was mostly playing bass, and was into stuff like The Cure, Killing Joke, My Bloody Valentine, and ***** Magnet. Always played a Ric 4001 or a Guild Pilot Bass.

Ten years later an old bandmate gave me his old G&L so I started writing songs on guitar. Put together a few original bands and played bass for some singer-songwriters, but now it was for fun. Got into Hamers and am still active on the Hamer Fan Club site. Now I have a slightly electronic duo with my wife, and we make albums and play some gigs for fun. We get compared to The Kills, Garbage, and Portishead. I know: these bands sound nothing alike.

I'd accumulated a lot of guitars... 18 or so... over the years just because they were cheap and interesting. Even though in the indie-underground scene people often dismissed PRS guitars as eye candy for dentists, I didn't have a real opinion of them. I had a 2005 PRS CE24 years ago that I liked well enough, but the neck felt a bit slim and I disliked the 5-way rotary switch so when someone offered me more than I'd paid, I sold it. Then last fall I thought I'd browse to see if I could find a PRS with a bigger neck at a good price, and found a 2007 Custom 22 with a ten-top at a good price because it was pretty well-played. Not abused, but obviously gigged a lot. Absolutely love it, but am replacing the 5-way rotary with a toggle.

Last week the local GC had a purple mist Modern Eagle V in, used. Ten top. I really liked the weight - way lighter than my Custom 22 - and loved the sounds. I'd been selling off guitars, so traded in a couple more and now it's mine. Very easy to play, comfortable. The sound is what gets me, though. I don't really have any guitar heroes and don't play covers so I'm not focused on nailing any particular sound. I like clear and crisp, but not to the extent of a Strat. I like some power, but not a full-on hot PAF thing. This guitar really fits my needs. I'm going to Florida soon to complete an album with an Argentinian singer-guitarist - think King Crimson meets St. Vincent - and am taking the new PRS down with me.
Welcome! Congrats on the new MEV. Take off you coat, put your feet up on the coffee table and stay a while.

I am also contractually obligated to point out that...


(once you've made a couple more posts anyway...)
Thanks, ya'll. Once I can post pics I'll share, but it came originally from Sweetwater, so yeah it looks like all the 10-top purple ME-Vs on their site. We're going to shoot some videos as we do this album in a couple weeks, so probably can share those.