So Just How Many Pedals Do You Own?

My smallest pedalboard:

My smaller pedalboard:

My un-small pedalboard:

The Keely Halo and the MXR Joshua did NOT kick the Boss SDE-3000 like we originally thought. After a series 9f comparisons, I often found the SDE-3000 beat them in both quality, amount of sounds and features/versatility.

Then of course I have lots of spare ones:

As a quick person would suspect without hesitation, I'm working on the 4th bard with the Jackson Audio Golden Boy XL as the main drive (based on Bluesbreaker circuit with a Dumble type FET boost).

Awwww yeah, who's that!!!
My main gigging board, which I call Mission Control. West Coast Pedal Boards builds 'em right!
I have maybe twenty five or so. I like using several gain stages on single channel amps, so I collect alot of od pedals. Sometimes I'll pedal flip, but I haven't tried selling any gear for at least a year.
14 but I don’t use my board anymore. I might sometimes use an individual pedal. I do love my Box of Rock distortion pedal but that’s really it.

My boutique amp has more then enough settings to fooled around with but I am not a hard core button flipper, switch rearranger etc.
The More I Dig The More Doubles And Triples I Am Finding. Nothing Like Buying Spares For A Rainy Day And In Some Instances None Of The Boxes Have Been Opened. :(
18, but only 13 are on the pedalboard (including a non-standard mini pedal for channel switching and an expression pedal).

I never know what a client's going to ask for, and have to be ready for lots of things I wouldn't normally use (hence the H9s).
only about a dozen , half of which I still use. I've found the older I get the more I find the best "outboard" effect is your hands ..that's where all the magic really happens .. if not pedals won't help.
I agree! I have eighteen pedals with twelve on my pedalboard. I have two up for sale atm and I have two overdrives that only see use when I go from single coil to humbucker equipped guitars. I'm always flipping effects and trying new ones.
More than I need and less than what I want!
This. So much this.

I have three or four "active" pedal boards, and far too many idling pedals piled up, which I mostly ignore because I've started to use just a FlyRig for gigs, and I may as well write and practice the way I play. (Train like you Fight, Fight like you Train.)

But every now and then I get a board out, and have fun making new noises that the FlyRig doesn't support, and I see pedals I don't have (new models or old classics) that make me say "Hey, I could use that..."