NGD!!! Look what just came in today ❤


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Jan 21, 2024

Ain't she purrrrrdy?😻

I like the way she feels, she got curves. She's light and while I do agree these new generation tuners feel cheap, I actually like that their light weight plastic. I like the way they feel. Neck feels dry but nice. Fret work and polishing definitely needed, just like the Santana SE had to get - expected from a PRS. I like the subtle differences in the body that add up in big ways to affect the playability and over all comfort.

As far as pickups go. I will most likely swap them out per usual but then again, I haven't had a chance to see how they really sound plugged in. Regardless, it's rare I keep something stock, ya know what I mean jelly beans? 😏

Color pops, especially against the case. I would put this right up there with a good Squier for sure! I'm glad I waited for this case instead of going with the PRS one. It was worth it.
Thanks guys, this thread just made some peeps go "Oh! He can make a decent thread after all" 😆 And they probably crapped them pants too

I was just playing around with it through a few different amps and decided I'm keeping the original pickups in there.

I like the way they pop, in a nice PRS way. Doesn't feel or sound like a strat to me. Has a very plastic sound and feel, different but a good different. I really like it. I'll likely do a set up on it before long but really impressed with it right out the box. Unlike the Santana SE I bought off Reverb, I can definitely tell this one is brand new lol
Glad you enjoy it! I think they are on to something with these maple bolt on SE's. I really like the one on my SE SAS.

Did the guitar come with the case?
The maple neck is super nice!

No, the case was separate. The guitar was sitting in it's box forever til yesterday. I ordered the guitar from Musicians Friend and the case from Amazon. Fits perfectly though!