What pedals do you use?


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Jan 21, 2024
What pedals do you use to empower your love for your PRS?

I suppose what pushed me to ask is because (even though I never really practice with pedals), I do have 4 pedalboards, a multi-fx pedal and actually currently putting a 6th one together - with the basis of Way Huge Smalls pedals as the focus, maybe some fuzz pedals from other companies too.

I ordered this a couple days ago...
^It's something of a highly modified Maxon SD9 Sonic Distortion pedal. I'm eager to play it because while I have various overdrive and fuzz pedals, I have no distortion pedals really. And I find that Way Huge's overdrives/distortion pedals are pretty unique. At least I have nothing that sounds like a Red Llama or Geisha and I have ALOT of overdrive pedals that also get fuzz territory.

Also, on my list is the Hi Power

What are your favorite pedals? What are you looking forward to buying?
I'm playing mostly acoustic these days , but when I want to have fun in the studion .. Fender MTG Tube Dist ->T Rex Quint Octave-> Keeley Dark Side (fuzz/ Octave/ Phase / Delay/rotary / flanger) ->Keeley Hooke Reverb ( +trem,+vibe) ->TC Stereo Chorus/Pitch/ Flange -> Xotic Super Sweet >Amp

If I'm going bi amp I run the Super sweet first and the Octave on the dry channel of the TC
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I am using fewer pedals now. For Overdrives, I only use the Nordland ODR-CC+ pedal. I generally dislike OD pedals, but this one works for some reason. I only use a little bit of overdrive from it with a clean channel of my amp. I used to use two Chasetone Secret preamps, one always on, and one for boost, but now I only have one. I switch it on and off via MIDI on my newly constructed pedalboard, depending on what I want it to do. General boost duties now rely on Boss EQ200, which is also MIDI assignable and works in 4CM. The last pedal before the preamp is Kingtone Octaland, the previous blue version. I can't get enough of it, although I only use the clean octave with the fuzz portion dialled out. In the FX Loop, I have the Eventide H90 with Fortin Zuul, and the other half of EQ200 in the insert loops, and the Origin Bass Cali76 Compressor for mastering. I have a Boss RC10R looper/drum machine at the end of this, and that's it. The rest of the tools are just the utilities like switching, routing gizmos, and the power stuff.
It Depends on the gig and which guitar I bring.

In the studio I will use every means possible to get "that" sound but in a live situation with bass,
drums and 30 motorcycles parked outside the venue I see no need for half an acre of pedalboard.
If "that pedal" is only used for 1 chorus in 1 song, leave it home. No one is gonna know but you.

That being said.

TC Polytune 3 --> Wampler Tumnus Deluxe --> Wampler Pantheon --> Walrus Julia V2 -->
Emma Electronic Navigator --> TC Hall of Fame mini loaded with Johnny A. Arizona Sunrise reverb.


TC Polytune 3 --> Crybaby Mini --> Wampler Hot Wired V2 --> Walrus Julia V1 --> EQD Dispatch Master V1.


TC Polytune 3 --> Wampler Gearbox --> Keeley 30 MS --> Nux Atlantic.

I get along well with Brian's overdrive pedals and the 2 Julias do not sound the same.
The Polytunes all have their buffers engaged.
My current "A" board. ("B" board lives at our rehearsal room)
It Really Depends On The Need For Me. I Prefer Amps Over Pedals For Core Tones. There Are So Many Wonderful Pedals Out There Right Now. I Really Enjoy Free The Tone Pedals For Delay And Reverb Lately. I Am Also Really Enjoying The Boss SDE-3000 EVH Delay. I Would Be Lost Without My Trusty ISP Gate Products.
I have so many projects running right now I just finished making one pedalboard for all my amps and gig scenarios. I've been working on the programing still as my gigs come up. The Boss ES-8 really does a good job to let me maximize the midi capable pedals to get the midi control to switch presets. I used the angry driver for a low gain channel (amps that have crunch i can just leave peadal off) since I have to have a clean, crunch, and high gain for all my current projects. Going this route I was able to eliminate any amp footswitches, and redundant pedals (save for the boss PH-3 that has a setting I need. Also my boost because it's quick and seems to change every gig). So no matter what amp I use I can plug my peadalboard in and get what I need. I'm still programming stuff though as I gig. This a shot from where I'm still building it out.
My "pedal board" is really simple. All I have in front of my "amp" is a gain block. I use it to reduce the output of my pickups to help clean up the tone.

BTW - I use a Line 6 Helix Rack with the controller. My rig is literally:

gain block -> amp -> IR [close mic]
-> IR [room mic]-> room reverb

That simple rig occasionally gets "pedals" in front of it. Those "pedals" may be a "Phase 90" or a "Wah" (usually the model of a Vox 846/7)

I have been using a "rig" based around the Diezel VH4 channel 3 model. I like it because it is very dry and sounds great with my guitars tuned to C# standard (594 and Esquire). I use it with enough gain to be close to sustaining single notes, then I use the gain block to reduce input from the guitar. From there I can use my volumes/tones/splits on the 594 to coax a ton of thick, tight sounds. With the Esquire, I basically use the gain block to find the "sweet spot" between clarity and drive.

My current IRs of choice - the "cabinet" of choice for ALL my "amps" is a Basketweave 4x12 loaded with 25 watt Celestions. The close mic'd cab has a 57 two inches from the cap, off axis. The room mic is a U87 twelve inches away from the cabinet.

The reverb I use to simulate the "room" depends on the density of the song. However, the mix never goes above 16%.


Top row, L>R:

Peterson tuner, Suhr Alexa chorus, Suhr tremolo, Suhr compressor, Suhr boost.

Bottom row, L>R:

Eventide H9s, Pettyjohn EQ, Pettyjohn Chime overdrive, Pettyjohn buffer/preamp, Mission expression pedal for H9s, Pettyjohn Edge low gain overdrive.

Oh, and most important: Pottery Barn Persian rug! [insert laughing emoji of choice]
Wampler Hot Wired V2
Wampler Gearbox
This is the setup I used to run usually into the front of a Princeton reissue.

Finally dug up an old picture of the mini-board.
Always nice to see Wampler getting some love! I've never tried the Hot Wired but I love my Gearbox, Paisely Deluxe, Moxie and Plexi Drive Mini. Those are the 4 drives I own from Wampler. I also have his Ethereal ambient delay/verb which (what I believe to be) the quirkiness delay pedal on the market.

I really want to try that Hot Wired now!!
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Always nice to see Wampler getting some love! I've never tried the Hot Wired but I love my Gearbox, Paisely Deluxe, Moxie and Plexi Drive Mini. Those are the 4 drives I own from Wampler. I also have his Ethereal ambient delay/verb which (what I believe to be) the quirkiness delay pedal on the market.

I really want to try that Hot Wired now!!
I used to get asked a ton if I was sponsored by Wampler. Sadly, I am not. It was just one of those situations where I got one pedal and had to try almost everything that was available at the time.

Most of what stayed is in the pictures except the regular sized ego which I prefer to the mini and a decibel boost/buffer that rarely gets used.

The hot wired was one of those that I was really surprised with. At home it's kind of ok but on a gig with some volume, I've been able to get that infinite feedback/sustain that none of the other pedals do easily.