Nov 14, 2015
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    Corpus Christi, TX
    4 boards. Too many. Boss, strymon, EHX, eventide, Keeley, JHS, Temple audio, xotic, TC electronic, Free the tone, MXR, blah blah....b ba ba blah.
    ENGL Powerball 2, PRS Archon 25, ENGL Invader
    Acoustic Guitars:
    Electric Guitars:
    Artist CU24, PS SC250, 83' Gibson LP custom in silver, Fender CS strat, PRS Brent , Fender CS 65' strat, Warmoth Telecaster, 82" Ibanez destroyer, Fender P bass, EB stingray 5 bass.
    I went up and bought every brand and type of guitar i liked and owned them all for a while to get a feel for them. Searching, Buying, Selling as many do. I buy my guitars to fill specific "slots" in my playing and studio work. So i was searching for the best guitars to fill those slots. I do a little semi-pro studio session work that dabbles in many genres. My favorite styles are High gain styles of music.
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