What are you hoarding?

Chopsticks! I save them every time I eat at a restaurant where they are used. I save the ones from others at the table as well!! I have found so many uses for the over the years. Plug holes in walls, wood, etc. Use as stakes to hold down tarps, cardboard, etc. in garden/chicken pen areas (not permanent but when working on stuff). Used them to fill in gaps, along with caulk, in the edges where wall meets ceiling in the house I am currently living in (yes, the construction of this house has a lot to be desired). Did that 15 years ago and it reduced the number of bug getting into the house by 99%. Stir sticks for small cans of paint or other liquids/gels that need stirring. Mixing of epoxies. Poking people in the eye when I don't want to use a sharp stick. Slight tip of camera when it is sitting on a flat surface. Many other things I have used them for over the years that I am not remembering, but you get the idea! The chopstick, one of my many hoarded items ;~))

Crutches for one-legged chickens.